Euphoria Lift Body Treatment

Euphoria Lift Body Treatment

We could all use a little help lifting and tightening skin on the body after a long winter. Joanna’s Euphoria Lift Body Treatment targets a specific area of the body that needs a boost from our non-invasive body contouring Radio Frequency technology.

We all know and love Radio Frequency for our face, found in our Forever Facial. Euphoria Lift Body Treatment is a gentle Radio Frequency service that gives your body the same benefits, combined with a healing LED red light for faster healing, meaning less down time.

Pain-free heat and electricity are emitted from the device to instantly tighten skin for a lifted, firmed effect. LED red light therapy is used to give long-term benefits such as collagen building, while immediately reducing inflammation. And it feels like a warm massage over your chosen area of the body.


- reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles of the body

- less dark spots and pigmentation

- plumper, more youthful looking skin

- less redness or ruddiness on the body

- enhanced tightness in areas that were loose or sagging

Target specific areas in the 60 minute treatment, or enjoy multiple targeted areas with the 90 minute treatment.

Book exclusively at our NYC location:, online, or (212) 949-2350 call or text.