De-Stressing Body Treatments

De-Stressing Body Treatments

The holidays can be stressful.  We know it's no surprise, but stress is bad for your skin as well as your mental health. Existing conditions like psoriasis and eczema can worsen, and new problems like acne or dry flaky skin can crop up. Stress management is so important to maintain healthy glowing skin, and your sanity. 

Our go-to solution is to treat yourself to a day to unwind, relax, and glow with a body treatment day at Joanna Vargas.

Here are Joanna’s top de-stressing body treatments that can be found in our New York or Los Angeles spa locations:

1. The Rub: A full-body exfoliation glow up, including organic oil massaged into the skin to infuse the hydrating benefits deep into the dermis. This is an extra-beneficial treatment because it fights inflammation in the skin, which can be triggered by stress, alcohol, and sugary foods - sound familiar?
2. The Tailor Made Massage: This is a truly custom massage, which will be performed exactly how you want it, for as long as you want it. This treatment is all about you. With the holidays being so much about others, this massage will allow you to address what you need healed and cared for.
3. Power Nap: Finish your spa day with 20 minutes in our full-body LED bed, to speed healing and enhance relaxation from the inside out. Two types of LED light work together to relax muscles and soothe any irritation from dry weather, unhealthy food choices, and even itchy fall sweaters. 

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