Conquer Aging With The Ultimate LED Light Therapy Bed

ultimate LED light therapy bed. Celebrity skincare guru and entrepreneur Joanna Vargas was inspired by her clients when they kept mentioning to her that they would love to do her LED light treatments on their entire body. She researched the entire field, digging up reports by NASA, and concluding that the existing light beds fell short of the mark. Joanna has since developed her own bed with one of the leading LED manufacturers in the United States and has a patent pending status. The full body LED light bed is for sale and retails for $65,000. And when you compare it to the leading companies like Omnilux and Lightwave, costing close to $30,000 dollars for their delux models, I think you'll see the greater value of the bed and of your potential income. Call Joanna Vargas Skin Care for yours today at 212.949.2350 ]>>