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Celebrity Skincare Specialist Joanna Vargas at NY Fashion Week!

Celebrity Skincare Specialist Joanna Vargas at NY Fashion Week! Joanna Vargas, celebrity facialist and Founder of Joanna Vargas Salon and Skincare Collection, was at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in the Big Apple and gave “Extra” a peek into her daily activities there! Here’s her blog: It’s Fashion Week in NYC again and my team here at the salon is busy prepping the models and some great designers for their big day! A lot of people have the 411 on the fashion for Spring 2014 by now, but most of you might not realize that skincare plays a big part in the trends we are seeing walk down the runway. Dewy and glowing is reigning supreme this week, and I need to make sure both the models and the designers look fresh faced and glowing even though they are stressed, tired, and likely, breaking out! PR#5 I was just backstage at the Milly show with's Creative Director and makeup artist extraordinaire Romy Soleimani, prepping the models’ skin. I start any good skincare routine with diet advice: If you are breaking out or if you simply have dull skin, the best solution is adding more greens to your routine. By Day 6 in Fashion Week, the models’ skin is starting to show some damage. They are breaking out, inflamed and just tired! I always start with my Daily Serum, which is a green juice for the skin because it stimulates the lymphatic system, oxygenates and hydrates without clogging their young skin. A glowing shiny face is the trend of the season, so Romy used my Rejuvenating Serum on their faces to create a glossy eye and shiny cheekbone for their walk down the runway. They looked amazing! serum-combo-1 Many of my clients are designers as well. Most people don't know this, but while we were all enjoying our last month of summer, all of our favorite designers were working night and day on their collections for the past few weeks, making sure everything is perfect for their show. Sleepless nights, poor diets, lots of coffee and tons of stress make it hard for them to feel good about taking their bow at the end of the show, so they come to me for a quick fix. My secret weapon for them is a treatment called the Power Peel. It’s a detoxifying, resurfacing peel followed by LED therapy and oxygen to make them look like they have spent the last month in a health spa! Their glow is restored, and all the tired, dehydrated skin is gone. Designers and celebrities such as Zac Posen, James Mischka, Karlie Kloss, Ashley Greene, Emma Stone, Mara Hoffman, Pamela Love and Michelle Williams all swear by the Power Peel for looking great for the red carpet!]>>

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