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Celebrity Facialist Joanna Vargas Visits Chicago And Gives Free Facials and Advice

Celebrity Facialist Joanna Vargas Visits Chicago And Gives Free Facials and Advice
Celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas gives great glow. Just ask Charlize Theron or Michelle Williams, who get red carpet ready at her New York office. What about Chicago skin care? Vargas says, “I went to college in Chicago and I love Chicago to death, but it’s not fit for human habitation in the winter,” jokes the University of Chicago grad. Vargas will be in Chicago at Bloomingdale’s, 900 N. Michigan, from 10:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Saturday with her celeb favorite product line including a rejuvenating serum that really lives up to its name. PR#5 “I’m excited to come back to Chicago because my husband has never been there. But I’ll make sure to follow my own skin care rules, including eating extra avocado at least once a day. You have to hydrate your skin from the inside out.” You can find her products at You can find your skin care questions answered below: Q: Joanna, really, a little avocado will help fix winter-ravaged skin? A: Absolutely true. You need great nutrition more than ever to restore your lipids. You want to hydrate from the inside out because of the deep freeze outside, but equally bad for your skin is the heat you turn on inside. It’s all so drying. Q: Do we really need to drink that gunky green juice? A: You must do it. It’s one of those things where if you just tried it for three days, I guarantee you would see a result. I tell my celebrity clients to drink a green juice every single day. I like to recommend that people do a green juice at 4 in the afternoon instead of that coffee or soda run. Have the juice when you start to feel the doldrums of being in the office. It’s easier to face than first thing in the morning, plus it gives you energy. Greens oxygenate your skin from the inside out. Green juices get that hydration to the skin quickly. Q: What do you toss into your homemade green juice? A: I make mine with romaine, celery, kale, parsley, spinach, cucumber and then I throw in half an apple and a little ginger for spicy. If you don’t add the apple for some sweetness, I think it’s like drinking dirt! But all of the above is really awesome for your skin. You do need to make sure you have at least six basic greens in your drink. The apple is also awesome for your digestion. Q: What’s the worst things women are still doing to their skin? A: Smoking. I can always tell women who smoke and I tell them I actually see the tar in your pores. Another harsh thing women do to their skin is using super hot water in the shower. It’s so drying. I always recommend more of a tepid temperature, especially when showering in the winter. Don’t scald yourself. Use a humidifier in your bedroom for extra hydration. Q: What is in your serum and your daily moisturizer? A: My daily cream is made from shea and cocoa butter, and they melt into your skin, which is really nice in terms of penetration. But it doesn’t make your skin greasy. I also use avocado oil, which has lots of vitamins in it and omega 3’s. Those are really important in maintaining the lipid layer of skin. It also keeps your face de-puffed and happy looking. My rejuvenating serum specifically plumps the look of your skin for an ageless appearance. It has argon oil, which is very high in anti-oxidant content. Anti-oxidants are so powerful in helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles and loss of elasticity. If you’re younger, they will also help you not break out. I also have rose hip oil for circulation and olive oil, which is an anti-inflammatory. Q: Let’s say a zit springs up on the day of a big event. Should we go the “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” route and use Windex? A: Absolutely not. I would use an exfoliating mask on a pimple. It will calm it down in about half an hour. Q: Any fun DIY kitchen recipes you could share? A: You can easily make a hydrating facial mask by combining a cup of yogurt, half of a ripe avocado and three tablespoons of honey. Mix together and place on your face for about 15 minutes and then rinse. Yogurt and brown sugar make a great exfoliating scrub. Use a cup of yogurt and half a cup of brown sugar, which is scrubby but not too harsh. It’s soft and you won’t scratch the surface of your skin. If you want a body scrub to get rid of winter skin, combine one cup of brown sugar and a half-cup of olive oil. You entire body will feel amazing, and it’s a nice treat at the end of a long day. To make your appointments at Joanna Vargas Day Spa in New York City please call immediately 212.949.2350.]>>

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