Celebrities Going Green With Their Skincare

Green skincare often uses chemical free ingredients to avoid toxins including pesticides, insecticides and harsh preservatives.
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Fortunately, there are some conscious celebrities who are thoughtfully considering the skincare products they use and their influence over their fan base and consumer consciousness. Some are staunch environmentalists, humanitarians and spokespersons well-versed in global calamities and finite resources. These celebrities can share some profound thoughts on the environmental degradation the globe is currently toiling with. They can also offer insights and remedies: personal choices we can elect daily to make a difference. Without further ado, the top “going green” celebrities share their ambitions for attaining optimal healthy skin, while actively challenging their fans to become aware of the declining state of the environment and to adopt eco-conscious lifestyles. 1# Alicia Silverstone takes the earth-friendly helm in creating her own line of “green” skincare that uses hemp as one of the key natural ingredients. Her products are thoughtfully marketed in environmentally conscious recycled packaging. It’s a bit ironic that the star of Clueless does have a clue about the best skincare. And she gardens in her birthday suit, in case you were wondering. 2# Miranda Kerr, the Australian Victoria Secrets model, actively campaigns on the rapidly declining koala population of her homeland, as illustrated in her article and accompanying nude cover of Rolling Stone last year. An ardent supporter of eco-friendly organic farming methods, the vixen also recently crafted a line of organic skincare known as “Kora.” 3# Josie Maran, former Maybelline model and veteran eco-activist, has launched a line of nontoxic and environmentally friendly makeup for all the earth conscious fans out there. All of her products are sold in elegant bio-degradable packaging. We are becoming more aware of the potentially damaging effects of chemicals in skincare. Phthalates, for example, are a chemical compound often found in artificial fragrance. It is known to disrupt healthy hormone function, leading to infertility and birth defects in the long run. That is why naturally scented or fragrance free skincare is the best option. The use of hazardous chemicals pose health related issues for our bodies as well as the environment, in some cases rendering us impotent if not avoided. Going “green” and organic in the products you consume are the best choices you can make to ensure healthy skin and a sustainable environment. A message brought to you by a few environmentally conscientious celebrities.