Bye Bye Tech Neck

Bye Bye Tech Neck

Take your neck back to the 1990s

The one thing we have all been dreading from constantly looking at our phones all day...Tech Neck. Is it just me or has your neck been affected too, from all the extra screen time you've experienced during Covid? Have you noticed all of those extra wrinkles on your neck from looking down at your devices? Constantly looking at your monitor all day at home or even looking down at your phone can increase fine lines and wrinkles from chin to chest. There are many ways to relieve the downfall from tech neck and we have the secret! A few of our favorite ways would be…

Tips on Improving Tech Neck

Indulge in a skincare routine that works for you. Your neck is just as important to take care of as your face, so why not treat it that way?  Using a blend of the newest technology and proven hydrating ingredients, Joanna crafted the perfect solution for our device-induced woe of the 2000’s - Tech Neck.

  • The Evoke Face Booster. Evoke is a hands-free device applied in your Joanna Vargas Salon facials to instantly firm and reduce the look of wrinkles using Radio Frequency.  A revolutionary, hands-free facial remodeling treatment for instantly lifted, tightened skin and a defined jawline. Specifically targeted for the jawline, jowls, or under the chin, this hands-free radio frequency device is an add-on to your Forever Facial service for a more precise and targeted lift and expedited optimal results. Non-invasive and customizable, this treatment will only be performed by Master Estheticians. Book Here


  • Between Evoke treatments, use Rejuvenating Serum AM and PM on your neck to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and increase the youthful bounce of this tell-all skin area. This Rejuvenating Serum is light, quickly absorbing but simultaneously deeply hydrating without suffocating your pores. Perfect for those who need more glow-factor. It will impart a gorgeous radiance, therefore, making it a crowd-pleaser for anyone that uses it. A true skin-saver! Shop Here!

  • Adding the Magic Glow Wand to your routine will not only give you glowing skin but will also massage your face for a relaxing touch. After cleansing, apply a mask of your choice and use the Magic Glow Wand for 3 minutes on the Hot setting, taking care to slowly massage the face. Turn the Magic Glow Wand to the Cool + Massage setting and gently smooth over the face using upward motions. Pay attention to the under-eye area for extra de-puffing.  Repeat as often as needed for a long-lasting glow!

  • The best way to relieve body pain, especially neck pain would be a massage. We have a number of massages that we offer here at Joanna Vargas. One specifically that will ease that neck pain of yours would be The Jet Setter Massage. This massage is a tension-relieving neck and shoulder massage to improve circulation, ease pain and stiffness, and boost feelings of comfort and flexibility.