Joanna's Black Friday Picks: 2020

Joanna's Black Friday Picks: 2020

Joanna’s making this year’s Holiday Shopping a little easier, with her top picks for our Black Friday sale! 

1. Rescue Serum

Vitamin C is an ingredient that all skin types benefit from, and the Vitamin C in Rescue Serum is high-potency, so you will get powerful results from each drop.  "So many of my clients have experienced issues with dullness and brown spots, Rescue Serum is full of high-potency vitamin C to give you an instant glow, and help with the appearance of imperfections over time" says Joanna. “I use it on all my celebrity clients in my New York and Los Angeles spas.”

Get your celeb-worthy glow from Rescue Serum early in our sale – it always sells out! 

2. Magic Glow Wand

Winner of Allure and Cosmopolitan Magazines awards this year, this will be the sale to snag one at a huge savings. 

Inspired by Joanna’s celeb-favorite and coveted lymphatic spa treatments (Triple Crown Facial, Forever Facial, The Tone Up), the Magic Glow Wand is a must-have item for maintaining radiant skin this winter. When skin’s temperature is too low, blood circulation slows down, dulls and prevents skin from absorbing nutrients.

The Magic Glow Wand allows for quick and controlled treatments to balance temperature and revive your inner glow. The massage mode mimics the natural flow of the lymphatic system, which carry away toxins from the skin (goodbye last night’s cocktails!), and boost delivery of vital vitamins for an age-defying healthy appearance. 

It’s the go-to for anyone missing the spa experience this year, and wanting an easy way to get the “fresh-from-the spa” glow everyday this winter.  

3. Single Sheet Masks

These have become essential for the holiday season - you’ll want to buy extra and keep them on hand for last-minute gifts, stocking stuffers, in your travel bags, and as your own go-to for a hydrating self-care session at home. 

Joanna offers her top 4 masks in single packs: Forever Glow Anti Aging Masks, Twilight Masks, Eden Masks, and Bright Eye Firming Masks. Both Twilight and Bright Eye Firming masks have won awards, including Harper Bazaar’s Best Anti-Aging mask in 2020. 

4. Glow From Within

Joanna wrote this book to share her years of experience as an esthetician in an easy-to-understand guide for glowing skin. According to Joanna, the secret to a flawless face has nothing to do with your skin type or how many expensive products you can afford.

To consistently achieve that clear, bright, moisturized look that so many celebrities enjoy, all that’s required is a solid skincare routine. In Joanna Vargas’s highly anticipated first book, ​Glow from Within, she offers a practical, ​engaging guide to beautiful, glowing skin for everyone.

If you’re new to skincare or a seasoned pro, this book is a must-have for your reading list. 

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