Beauty At Every Age

Your skin can be influence by any number of factors but they all spring from some basic thing, like lifestyle, diet and skin care routine. From this you can get things like lack of sleep, drinking to much alcohol, improper diet and so on. Your skin being the largest organ in your body is the first defense against pollutants and the environment. Treated poorly and it will reflect your lifestyle choices and look tattered as a result. In order to repair it you must feed it a proper diet. This will give you the nutrients that will nurture it back to a healthy glow. This step is not consider usually part of your skin care routine but the hard facts is that it is. Your skin is the last to get nutrients from the foods you eat and therefore is the first one to show signs of neglect. Add to it poor lifestyle choices and an improper skin care routine and it can suffer heavily. Nutrition, Lifestyle and Skin Care are all essential to consistently clear and glowing skin. Knowing what some of these foods are is vital as they provide the building blocks to consistently perfect skin. If you want plumper, firmer and more youthful skin then you need a food plan. Eat foods that build collagen like: spinach, almonds, whole grains, tofu, shell fish, cottage cheese, beef, lamb, cabbage, chicken, beans and avocado. You need fatty acids found in fish (salmon, sardines), soya beans and walnuts. Another factor which attacks collagen and elastin is NOT eating regular meals. This is because your sugar levels drop when you don't eat and shoot up when you do. Sugar destroys collagen and elastin. Eat plenty of vegetables and foods that are rich in antioxidants. Some can be eggs, tomatoes, peppers, green tea. Some people never link that skimping meals, eating a bagel for breakfast, not eating sufficient vegetables or drinking enough water all add up to poor looking skin. When you do the above and implement a meticulous skin care plan with regular facials you will see a visible difference in your skin within a month, I guarantee it!]>>