Beat Acne This Summer

Beat Acne This Summer

Seeing more acne and breakouts on your skin this summer? Sweat, sunscreen, and heat can all contribute to increased inflammation on our skin. Fortunately, Joanna Vargas has come up with the professional solution for all skin types to benefit from.

Meet our power combo, available at both our New York City and Los Angeles spas: OXYGEN PURIFYING FACIAL + VITALIGHT. Booked together, these treatments are our professional powerhouses to knockout irritation, congestion, bumps, and redness on the face. Here's how:

Microdermabrasion: We start with a Diamond Peel, which is an exfoliation with a diamond tipped wand.

Extractions: Professionally remove deep-pore build up that contributes to breakouts and congestion.

LED Light Therapy: The core treatment of this facial, both blue and red light is used to kill bacteria while speeding up the healing process resulting in smoother results, faster.

Oxygen Treatment: We finish the facial with a pure oxygen blast. This treatment is infused with green tea, vitamins, and aloe for the iconic, long-lasting JV glow.

You’ll step out of the spa with cool, calm, and clarified skin. Pro tip: Stock up & save with a package and book monthly to keep your skin flawless, year round.

Contact us to book or purchase a package:

Book in LA:
(310) 424-5141 (call or text)

Book in NYC:
(212) 949-2350 (call or text)