Baby, Its Cold Outside... 5 Ways To Protect Your Skin From The Chilling Effects of Winter.

Baby, Its Cold Outside... 5 Ways To Protect Your Skin From The Chilling Effects of Winter.
1. Keep your showers short and sweet. Not too hot and not too long in order to prevent drying out the skin. -Use moisturizing cleansers for face and body to further nourish and hydrate such as The Joanna Vargas Miracle Bar. Rinse away impurities from head to toe for a flawless, hydrated complexion all winter long.

2. AM Moisturizer Routine: Use a serum before your moisturizer to optimize hydration. -Try The Joanna Vargas Rejuvenating Serum for a nourishing, youthful experience to improve hydration and tone. -Follow your serum with a dream cream such as Joanna Vargas’ Daily Hydrating Cream for lasting moisture protection all day long.

3. Humidifier: For your skin, love is in the air when moisture is in the air. If your heating system does not have a built in humidifier, install a portable unit in your bedroom to prevent skin from getting dry and itchy in the dead of winter.

4. Drink Water: Keeping your skin hydrated starts from the inside out. Drinking water plumps the skin from within, and keeps skin moist and supple.

5. PM Moisturizing Routine: Your body absorbs skincare products much more effectively while you sleep so it is extra important to prepare your skin for a night of repair and regeneration with the proper moisturizers, serums, and masks.

Here's the ultimate bedtime Joanna Vargas Routine for the skin of your dreams:
1. Cleanse with the non-drying Vitamin C Face Wash to detoxify the skin.
2. Polish and refine with the Exfoliating Mask for brilliance and glow.
3. Achieve deep conditioning with the Twilight Face Mask to promote skin resilience and vibrance.
4. Seal the moisture deal with the Daily Hydrating Cream to set your skin up for a restorative good night's rest. Stay warm and hydrated, bundle up, and keep glowing.