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Avoid Breakouts with Common Sense

Avoid Breakouts with Common Sense
reduce your experiences of breakouts. During the day, avoid touching your face with your hands or any other objects. Your hands, which touch countless germ-covered objects daily, will transfer those germs onto your face. If you notice blemishes along your jaw line, it may be that your cell phone, home phone, or work phone is the culprit. After all, how many other people use the phone, and how many times do you use it with a face that may be oily? The oil, germs, and makeup that is on your phone is hardly good for your skin. When you use the phone, give it a good wipe-down. And, if possible, hold the phone away from your face when using it. Do you drink enough water? Water provides the basis for all body functions, including ridding your body of impurities. While drinking tons of water may not completely solve your skin woes, it can surely help – especially if you replace drinks ridden with artificial ingredients with water. In addition, drinking a low-caffeine green or white tea can improve the complexion by delivering antioxidants to the skin in a stress-reducing and hydrating package. After washing your face, what type of moisturizer do you use? A water-based moisturizer with few artificial ingredients can be better for the skin than an oil-based moisturizer. Using a toner will balance the skin’s pH, and a light moisturizer that hydrates the top layer of the skin will prevent excess oil from getting trapped under dead skin cells. Exfoliate as frequently as you feel is necessary. Some facial skin can take a daily exfoliation, whereas others may require only weekly exfoliation. Exfoliation, followed by a good-clearing charcoal mask can reduce the appearance of pores, unclog blemishes, and have an effect that lasts for several days. The important thing to remember when using more abrasive or potent products is to listen to your skin – any redness, irritation, or blemishes signal a bad reaction to the product. While you should take time to take care of your skin, you shouldn’t overdo it. For example, trying myriad products that boast amazing effects may only heighten your skin’s sensitivity and therefore its propensity for breakouts. Too much exfoliation and too much moisturizer can also take their toll on skin. Maintain a balance with your beauty regimen and watch what comes in contact with your face . . . blemishes don’t have to be a daily occurrence.]>>

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