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Exfoliate Skin For A Healthy Glow

Exfoliate Skin For A Healthy Glow
No matter how often we exfoliate and moisturize, the debilitating effects of cold wind and weather always increase the possibility of dry, cracked skin and uneven texture. During this seasonal transition, there’s nothing better for your skin than a professional peel! Stronger than any at-home treatments (but still gentle enough to avoid damaging your skin) a professional-grade peel helps to rid the skin’s surface of lingering dead skin cells and leaves you with a newly revealed layer of soft, supple, glowing skin. When used along with standard exfoliation and dry brushing techniques throughout the week, a skin peel is an excellent way to stop dehydrated, rough skin in its tracks! The Power Peel is one of the most sought-after treatments offered at Joanna Vargas’ skincare salons in New York and Los Angeles. Consisting of several different stages and techniques, the Power Peel is a multi-step process that combines a diamond peel, LED light and pure oxygen therapies, and an organic detox mask to help eliminate dead skin cells, pull out impurities, and supercharge your skin’s natural healing abilities for a flawless complexion. Unlike many other peels on the market, our Power Peel uses non-aggressive chemical exfoliants created with organic, healthy ingredients to stimulate and nurture your skin without causing any lasting damage at the molecular level. For more information or to book your own Power Peel treatment 60 Minutes, $175, email New York at Email or call 310.424.5141 for Los Angeles

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