A Spa Treatment that Can Minimize Wrinkles, Smooth out Rough skin And Reduce Pore Size

A Spa Treatment that Can Minimize Wrinkles, Smooth out Rough skin And Reduce Pore Size

LED light therapy, also known as photo rejuvenation, photo facial, or red light therapy has become wildly popular due to the fact that it is an extremely effective spa treatment at reversing the hands of time. It has the ability to temporarily reduce wrinkles, smooth out rough skin, reduce pore size, diminish scars, fade age spots, and even out skin tone. And if I had only one product to recommend that would safely improve the appearance of your skin by leaps and bounds, it would be red and infrared light therapy. Red LED wavelengths ranging from 625-660 nanometers (one billionth of a meter) and infrared LEDs ranging from 830-880 nanometers have tremendous benefits for your skin.

These wavelengths when sufficiently powerful due to intensity of the device will penetrate the surface of your skin, enough to ignite cellular metabolism, and effectively change the condition of your skin for the better. These specific wavelengths penetrate into the layers of your skin permeating your cells with healing light and setting into motion a slew of positive reactions such as: plumping the skin and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. Shrinks pore size and improve circulation therefore bringing more oxygen and nutritional elements while at the same time getting rid of cellular waste effectively. Increasing hydration, firming and toning as well as diminishing age spots. What other benefits can be associated with the use of LED light therapy.

With aging, collagen production below the skin's surface slows down, and as a result, the skin loses elasticity and wrinkles form. NASA first discovered the effects of LED lights on cell growth more than 40 years ago. Although their studies have focused on wound healing in space and on Earth as well as plant growth at the space station (rather than on antiaging benefits) their experiments indicated a 150 to 200 percent increase in growth when cells were exposed to LED lights. In 2008 Allure magazine reported on a controlled study of the cosmetic applications of LED red wavelengths to the skin, according to the Beauty Brains blog. Some of the study's subjects were treated with an LED machine, while the others were given a placebo treatment. After 12 weeks of treatments, only the subjects receiving LED showed a reduction in wrinkles (26% to 36%), as well as an increase in elasticity (14% to 19%), indicating a corresponding increase in collagen production. Seung Yoon Lee, a dermatologist from the National Medical Centre in South Korea who was involved in the study, said that although "lasers and peels have faster, more substantial results," they have more side effects. As an additional benefit, all skin tones, whatever the user's race, show an equal response. The start of my LED Light Therapy Bed was an idea giving to me over and over by many of my clients that were receiving LED facials.

They had seen the results and had mentioned to me on many occasions, 'wouldn't it be great if I could have this treatment all over my body.' My LED light bed is one of a kind an it has a patent pending status and is based on much of the research that NASA did on wound healing and plants. The bed covers the entire body with red and infrared light, targeting cellulite, stretch marks, reducing pores and giving you smoother and more even skin tone. This is a unique spa service in NYC as none of the top spas in NYC have a full body LED light therapy bed. The skincare treatment includes microdermabrasion and 98% pure oxygen for the face. The oxygen is infused with a supercharged serum for your face, leaving it silky smooth, hydrated and radiant. If you haven't had this treatment call now for your appointments.

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