3 Ways to Choose the Right Products for Your Specific Skin Type

3 Ways to Choose the Right Products for Your Specific Skin Type
Many women deal with skin problems every day. They use lotions for dry skin, astringent for oily skin and creams for tired and wrinkled skin. However, many women find that none of these purported solutions helps. They do not understand the needs of their skin. This article will help all of you readers to choose the right products for your specific skin type.skin care by Joanna Vargas

First, most women use cleansing products on their bodies, faces and hands throughout each day. Manufacturers design soaps and cleansers to remove embedded dirt, grease and makeup. However, these products also strip the skin of its natural oils that keep the skin soft and supple. Over the past several years, a number of brands have come out with product lines designed to be gentle on the skin, especially the highly sensitive skin of the face, neck and chest. Brands are no longer restricted to department or specialty stores but are now found in any drugstore making them affordable for a woman on any budget. Many body wash products and facial cleansers come with antioxidants to fight skin aging or with emollients to replenish the skin’s moisture.

Secondly, women should choose moisturizing lotions and creams with care since each product fits a unique skin type. Those with dry skin should choose rich creams that contain essential plant oils and emollients. Those with normal or combination skin, meaning skin that is oily in parts but dry in other parts, should choose general all-purpose products that do not clog pores. Women who fight oily skin should look for products containing oil-absorbing ingredients that absorb oil. Women also need to understand that a vital part of skin care includes using sun-blocking products. Both strong and weak ultraviolet rays can damage skin; this includes those in the winter as well. In addition, women should not use body and hand creams on their faces since these lotions are designed to be heavily moisturizing for general skin cells; however, they can block facial pores.

Finally, makeup can create problems as well. Most makeup is designed to cover up blemishes, blend skin tones and draw attention to facial features. Until recently, many makeup brands did not design products for specific skin types. Therefore, most makeup clogged pores and led to breakouts and oily skin. Today, there are many brands from which to choose that offer a variety of specialty lines. Some examples include foundations that contain retinol, antioxidants and anti-aging serum for wrinkled or saggy skin and foundations that absorb oil and decrease facial shine throughout the day. One option that is very popular today is mineral foundations, powders and blushes. These are natural ways to control oil and shine without drying out the facial skin.

Once a woman has reached adulthood, her skin has usually matured to a point at which she understands its’ needs. She can determine whether her skin is naturally dry or oily or whether she has sensitive skin that reacts to non-hypoallergenic products. Each product can fit the needs of a particular type of skin and therefore should be chosen with care.


Guest article by Mountain View Dermatology, a dermatologist in Boulder, CO. Colorado Cosmetic surgery and skin care experts.