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Let’s face it, we’ve all gotten facials and felt great afterward (and we all know Joanna Vargas gives the best facials in NYC!), and hopefully with the information in our articles, you will have insight into just why that is. We’ve all heard the old saying that “knowledge is power” well at Joanna Vargas Spa in NYC, we agree!


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At Joanna Vargas Spa in NYC we take skincare very seriously. It is not enough for us to understand the technology, theory and science behind creating and caring for beautiful, healthy skin, it is important for us that our clients have a basic understanding of this as well.

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Published on March 30th, 2017

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Antioxidant Facials at the Best Spa in NYC

Living and working in NYC we have the opportunity to eat some of the most incredible foods on the planet. But with temptations all around us we have to be responsible for our health and one of the most important aspects to healthy skin, is a healthy diet.

We’ve all heard the term “antioxidant” before but what is it exactly and what does it have to do with our complexion and skin? Defining antioxidant can be very technical and easily put one to sleep so let’s try to keep it as simple as we can for all intensive purposes.

When we look at where the word “antioxidant” comes from, we find the Greek “Oxy” meaning, “to combine with oxygen” and “anti” simply meaning “against.” Have you ever noticed that when you cut open an apple and leave it out it turns brown, seen rust on a car or a copper penny turn green? This is called oxidation and it happens to our skin as well.

Oxidation of the skin occurs at a molecular level (speaking now of atoms – the most basic form of all material). The atoms make up the cells, which then combine together to form your skin. When the atoms lose an electron (one of the parts of an atom) they try to steal the electron in the atom next to it, this is the science of oxidation. The vicious circle of our atoms stealing from each other occurs in chains, on a bicycle it would manifest itself as rust but on your body it shows up as the dreaded wrinkle!

At Joanna Vargas Spa in NYC we have the best skin care treatment in New York City and our deep cleansing facials and organic skincare products can keep your skin looking healthy and glamorous. Now that we know what oxidation is and what it does to our beloved skin, we can look at the antioxidant and see how we can utilize these powerful little jewels in our skincare regimen and overall body health.

Antioxidants are simply particles that make it difficult for or prevent oxidation from occurring. On a car it’s like adding a coat of wax or putting lemon juice on an apple to keep it from turning brown. Antioxidants for skin care come in the form of the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that we put in our bodies, these can actually guard your skin cells from damage, promote tissue growth and repair already damaged skin cells! Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? It is!


Joanna Vargas Spa in NYC is amazing, but eating right is essential:


Some of the best antioxidants that can improve your overall skin tone and skin health are those high in specific antioxidant content. We here at Joanna Vargas Spa in NYC truly believe that taking away as much of the pollution and chemicals in our everyday lives is vital for healthy skin and a quality life. That said, there is nothing like getting antioxidants from the purest and most organic origins, much like we use in our organic skin care products. Here are some foods that are considered the very best for your skins vitality with a brief description contained in:

Beans for your skin – Yes beans! When most people think of antioxidants in foods they think of fruits and vegetables but, in fact, beans, such as the red kidney bean, have the highest concentration of antioxidants then just about any other food on the planet! Other beans like the pinto and the black bean are also super high in wrinkle fighting skin-nourishing antioxidants. Aside from being incredible for your skin, beans have very little fat, no cholesterol, lots of complex carbs and are packed with vitamins and fiber that promote a healthy digestive system that again promotes healthy skin! Beans can help prevent colon cancer and help cut cholesterol reducing your risks for heart disease. Besides all of this, they are also easy on the pocketbook and a very filling food. Remember, peanut butter is also a bean, not a vegetable and every time you eat a peanut butter sandwich you are getting antioxidants care of the bean. Who said taking care of your skin has to be expensive? Anyone can help the condition of his or her skin to be healthier and the bean has the biggest bang for the buck!

Best fruits for your skin – With fruits we have a much wider range of skin saving antioxidants to choose from with most fruits being antioxidant rich in one form or another. But the fruits most recommended for your skin care are those with the highest concentrations like the acai berry (pronounced Ah-Saw-Ee), having been a major food staple for certain Brazilian groups for ages and only recently discovered and marketed by the rest of the world (and we all know how beautiful Brazilian’s skin can be!). Acai is higher in antioxidants then nearly every other fruit by a landslide. For instance, Acai is nearly 10x higher in antioxidants then a blueberry (once touted as one of the top fruits with antioxidant qualities!).

Grapes are good for your skin! – Another important and wonderful fruit (one of my personal favs) that has incredible potent antioxidants and other health benefits is the dark grape (and raisin). The combination of antioxidants and phytochemicals (compounds found in plants that promote health benefits) have been proven to inhibit oxidation of the skin, cancer growth and nerve degeneration, and have shown in laboratory testing to benefit brain, heart and skeletal muscle functions as well. The grape is a long proven “miracle food” that has been used by man since the earliest known history going back to the Ancient Egyptians, even being considered an aphrodisiac since Ancient Greek times. A perfect day would be to come into Joanna Vargas Spa in NYC for a fabulous microcurrent facial or some LED light therapy then spend the evening sipping antioxidant enriched red wine knowing that you are repairing and replenishing your skins vitality with every sip!

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Berries for beautiful skin – There are dozens of other fruits that have antioxidant and therapeutic qualities for your skin. Some of these fruits have very specific characteristics beneficial specifically for healthy skin. Strawberries, cranberries, raspberries and blackberries are great example of this. Once again these delicious fruits are full of antioxidants to help keep your skin supple and smooth but they also contain antioxidants that are noted for helping protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. UV Rays are the harmful invisible waves given off by our sun and by many artificial tanning beds and are by far the most serious enemy to our skin. Although it is important for our bodies to have some sun for the production of vitamin D, it is also important that we do not get too much UV Ray exposure as this can reek havoc on our skin and bodies. If you have ever had a sunburn, you’ve had too much UV Ray exposure and far too much exposure can lead to serious skin problems and may eventually lead to skin cancer. On the lighter side, strawberries, cranberries, raspberries and blackberries are nature’s answer to helping us fight off these negative effects caused by UV Rays. Remember, sunscreens and organic skin care products, like the ones we create and sell here at Joanna Vargas Spa in NYC, are an absolute must. They help protect your skin on the outside but these antioxidant rich, juicy little gems protect our skin from the inside out!


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