Wedding Venues in New York City

Congratulations! Getting engaged and planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life. There are many things to keep in mind when planning your big event, and almost all of them start with deciding on the location for your ceremony and reception. Indoors or outdoors, large or small - the location and size of your event play a large part in how formal of an occasion, your flowers and décor, the meal or cocktail hour, and even your own hair, dress, and make-up.

The loveliest spots for budget-friendly accommodations

Choose one of the 50 most popular wedding venues in New York City to ensure that you're in the hands of dedicated, passionate event planning professionals. While some venues are "one-stop shops" with onsite catering, waitstaff, and full set-up and tear down of your event. Others are some of the loveliest spots in the metro area, with flexible offerings for off-site caterers and budget-friendly accommodations. Absolutely gorgeous for photos and inviting for your guests to help you celebrate.

The stress of planning your wedding can be mitigated by choosing a venue with a dedicated event planner. Your personal event planner can help you with everything from linen selection to a seating chart, invitations, and even scheduling the flow of your event for a seamless celebration.

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