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New York is a city that offers millions of luxuries and amenities to those who seek the better things in life. And there is no better example of that than Joanna Vargas Salon. This world renowned spa offers the best facials and spa treatments in New York City. Clients who enjoy the skin care services of Joanna Vargas leave feeling fully refreshed and looking years younger than they did when they walked in the doors.

The high quality of these treatments is due in great part to the experience of Joanna Vargas. Celebrities and dignitaries from around the world enjoy her personalized facials and skin care treatments when visiting New York. Her expertise is without compare.

The other major reason that this New York spa is ranked among the best is that it offers such a wide range of facial and skin treatment options. Joanna Vargas Salon offers 15 unique spa treatments in total, many of which cannot be found in any other spa in the world. Regulars know that the Triple Crown Facial, which combines oxygen infusion, microcurrent, and microdermabrasion treatments is entirely unique to the Joanna Vargas.

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Located on the 12th floor of a historic building located in downtown New York, the Joanna Vargas Spa has a stunning view of the gorgeous New York City Public Library and Bryant Park. This calming vista resonates with the tranquil decor of the spa, creating a truly peaceful environment for our clients.

Travel to and from Joanna Vargas is quite easy. Located in the heart of the city, it is just a stone’s throw from multiple bus and train lines. Both Grand Central Station and Times Square are within easy walking distance, giving clients very easy access to the spa.

Directions to Joanna Vargas in NYC.


Joanna Vargas is a student of beauty. She has studied the craft comprehensively, discovering secrets known to few in the industry. Instead of focusing on only natural beauty enhancements or technological enhancements, she has delved into both approaches, determining through trial and error exactly what works and how those approaches can be combined to create better results.

The culmination of this research is the Joanna Vargas Salon, where nature and technology are used in synergy to create spa treatments that outperform nearly all others in the world. Joanna’s unique approach to beauty treatments has allowed her to create a variety of treatments that only exist at her spa.


Having a cool name isn’t enough to make a facial or skin treatment stand out. The most important quality of any treatment is whether it performs as expected. Results matter at Joanna Vargas Salon.

Every treatment is measured, both at the completion of the spa treatment and weeks and months later. Only those that show meaningful results, and that continue to maintain those results over time, are available at this New York City salon.

How they get those results varies drastically. Joanna Vargas facials and treatments include all of the following approaches:

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Microcurrent
  • Oxygen-Infusion
  • Controlled Heat
  • Radio Frequency
  • Nutrient Rich Liquid Exfoliation
  • Cryotherapy
  • Plant Enzymes
  • Red Light Therapy
  • LED Light Therapy
  • Aloe Vera
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • …and more

Some skin care treatments are designed to be performed in a single session, while others get better results through a series of treatments over multiple weeks. Clients are fully informed of all of their options and what results are expected prior to starting their first treatment. We want our clients to look and feel the absolute best they can after receiving the #1 spa treatment in New York City.


Want to enjoy spa quality skin care every day of the year? Joanna Vargas beauty products let you do just that.

Nobody has the time to come into a spa every day. We understand that limitation. That is why we created an exceptional line of beauty products that are designed to reproduce the quality of our top notch facials and skin treatments without taking much time out of your day.

Joanna Vargas products are simple to use, cost effective, and easy to purchase. Clients can purchase them directly from our spa, before or after treatment, or can purchase them online with easy delivery options. These products are designed to enhance the results of a facial or spa treatment, prolonging the beneficial effects of that treatment for a much longer time than usual.


At Joanna Vargas Salon we never forget that we are in New York City. No matter how many international clients we have, we know that New Yorkers are the lifeblood of our spa. And we go out of our way to make our spa services readily available to the people that live in this great city.

Clients can make appointments over the phone or through e-mail, whichever is most convenient for them. We have 7 fully appointed treatment rooms in our suite, all of which are available for use at all times. If clients want treatment from Joanna herself, those appointments are granted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Nobody gets preference, no matter how famous or connected they are.

New Yorkers deserve the very best and we aim to provide the very best to our most important clients.


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