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How Can A Full Body LED Light Bed Totally Transform Your Skin

How Can A Full Body LED Light Bed Totally Transform Your Skin
LED light therapy, a unique approach to skin care that you definitely need to know more about. like-campaign1 LED light therapy is relatively new to the skin care world, but it’s been used for over 100 years by physicians, NASA scientists, and NAVY SEALS as an instrumental facet of muscle regeneration and wound healing. As such, it makes sense that LED light therapy would eventually make its way into the world of skin care: It’s regenerative effects can do wonders to the skin. So, how does it it work? “LED therapy is actually quite simple,” explained Los Angeles based aesthetician Shani Darden in an interview with The Coveteur. “It works by penetrating the skin with high-energy beams. The rays tunnel into your skin and jumpstart internal processes, from circulation to collagen production.” Celebrity esthetician and patent holder of her very own LED Light Bed, Joanna Vargas describes it as follows: “Once a client goes through a series of LED light bed therapy treatments, results can include temporarily lessening the appearance of cellulite, fading of stretch marks , smoother, younger looking skin. This will also help with an even-toned skin — all for spending a relaxing 20-30 minutes in what some call the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ treatment.” Though the biological process by which LED therapy works is surprisingly straightforward and the results are promising, many clients thinking about trying to arrive at one important question: Is it safe? As mentioned above, LED light doesn’t have the same harsh effects on the skin as UVA or UVB rays, and it’s much gentler than laser treatments that actually penetrate through multiple layers of the skin. With LED light therapy, the client has no thermal damage, discomfort, pain, down time, or scarring. However, as it’s a completely non-invasive treatment, there are some caveats to achieving results. For starters, the process certainly isn’t instantaneous, and can definitely vary depending on your age, diet, lifestyle, and skin condition. The LED light therapy offered at the Joanna Vargas salon promises cumulative results, meaning that while many clients do see results almost immediately, the most effective course of action is to commit to a course of 8-12 treatments. Intrigued about this amazing approach youthful looking skin? We welcome your questions about this revolutionary treatment. Some of the treatment options you can get at our salon with the full body LED light bed are as follows: microdermabrasion and oxygen can be added for the complexion only. However, we have had requested for our full body microdermabrasion treatment followed by our oxygen treatment. The client then goes on to do the full body LED light therapy bed. Believe me when I tell you that several treatments of this futuristic treatment will ensure maximum results that will leave your skin looking radiant, smooth, and youthful. In other words, this is a far cry from the tanning beds of your youth — with the LED light therapy bed, you’ll see yourself in a whole new kind of light. To make your appointments in New York please email us at and for those wanting appointments in Los Angeles you will have to wait a bit longer as the bed is not yet available. It will soon be here and expect it by mid March, 2017. However, Angelinos please inquire about our other services at]>>

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