Your Skin Will Be Smoother and Clearer Than Ever Before

Your Skin Will Be Smoother and Clearer Than Ever Before

When your skin is in the hands of our headmaster estheticians you will never have to guess if you will get the results you want. They will customize your facial whether your goal is to nix breakouts, lift, sculpt, plump, smooth or tone your skin. Joanna entrusts her celebrities to these virtuosos as they bring a ton of experience, skill level and technique to every facial. Our headmasters completely customize your facial based on your skin's needs + mix and match technologies to ensure maximum benefits. 

No two sessions are the same!

Your esthetician will expertly curate the most effective mix of non-invasive professional treatments such as microcurrent, extractions, exfoliation, custom masks, collagen treatments, and oxygen therapy.  During your facial, 60 and 90 minute, you’ll get the added benefit of a hands-free lymphatic massage with our body Body Booster technology - a full leg compression device that improves circulation throughout the body. Your esthetician will put it on to work its magic during your facial, delivering fresh nutrients to your deepest tissues and moving stagnated fluids, thus detoxing the body. It feels like being hugged with pressure socks, and our clients love the depuffing full body benefits.

As you can see these estheticians are not limited to any technique or technology and bring all of the Vargas tools to the party. If you are skin obsessed or if your skin needs special attention you will get the undivided attention of a true expert and their discerning advice. That kind of TLC is priceless. 

Depending on your needs book a 60 or 90 minutes treatment and reset your skin and walk away with a luminous complexion that is dewy, plump and practically lit-from-within.

The 90 minute version includes any add ons that are needed such as our Vitalight, Half hour cleanse, Cool Down etc. + The Body Booster and LED Light Bed are part of your 90 min sessions!

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