Your Eyes Look Refreshed, Less Hooded

Your Eyes Look Refreshed, Less Hooded

If there's one skincare facial that comes up when discussing celebrity beauty routines, it's the Joanna Vargas Triple Crown Royale. The laundry list of A-listers that has been associated with this microcurrent facial is a who’s who of Hollywood. This is the ultimate sculpting facial and ads 30 more minutes to the red carpet facial that started it all, the Triple Crown.

If the Triple Crown is your gym for your face the Royale is training your face to be an olympic athlete.  Whether youre looking to tone and tighten your complexion, stop the signs of aging or blast fine lines and wrinkles, the Triple Crown Royale is the facial for ageless beauty.

The phrase no-pain, no gainis completely untrue when it comes to the magic of microcurrent. Often referred to as a non-surgical facelift, microcurrent is a completely safe and pain-free way of sculpting and contouring your complexion.

There's also no downtime afterwards meaning you can carry on with your day or be on your way to that special event.

Clients swear by this facial and will say things like, You can see my skin looks firmer and my pores aren't so large.”  You can also noticed when you apply foundation that the make-up goes on smoother and your eyes look more toned, refreshed, less hooded. 

What to expect:

  • Microdermabrasion: We start with a Diamond Peel, which is an exfoliation with a diamond tipped wand.

  • Microcurrent: The core treatment of this facial, microcurrent reduces inflammation and puffiness, increases muscle tone, and boosts natural collagen production. We use various microrcurrent tools based on your tightening needs.

  • Oxygen Treatment: We finish the facial with a pure oxygen blast. This treatment is an oxygen blast infused with green tea, vitamins, and aloe.