How to Use The Professionals Kit For Winter Skin

How to Use The Professionals Kit For Winter Skin

     Is it just us or are you also ready for the hot Summer air? And if you’re anywhere with low winter temperatures dealing with the cold and snow, I’m sure your skin has changed (hopefully just a little) this cold season. Although our skin changes from season to season, and it is pretty normal for the skin to become a little more drier during the winter months, we still are counting the days until our natural glowing Summer skin returns. 

     If you are close to our New York City Salon or Los Angeles Spa, we definitely recommend stopping in for a facial (in NY only), a quick 20-minute session in one of our LED light beds, or one our newest body treatments, to revive and rejuvenate your winter skin. But, if you are out of town or just looking to invest in some at-home spa like products, we have just the thing here at Joanna Vargas. Say hello, to the Professionals Kit

This will be your go-to for that at home spa like experience. We incorporated everything you need to hydrate, lift, brighten, and soften the skin. 

What’s Included:

  • Magic Glow Wand – This handheld, fast-acting temperature + massage facial device is like having a full spa experience at home. When skin’s temperature is too high, it can become dehydrated and dry, increasing sebum, puffiness, and causing enlarged pores. If skin’s temperature is too low, it can decrease the effectiveness of your skincare products. The Magic Glow Wand allows for quick and controlled treatments to balance temperature and revive your inner glow. It is an on-the-go USB powered device to target multiple skin concerns in an instant. Choose from hot, cold and massage settings to give skin a refreshed and revived look, and create a glowing complexion.
  • Exfoliating Mask- A gentle detoxifying treatment to resurface the skin and reveal a vibrant glow, (our liquid gold).   
  • Rescue Serum- A serum that brightens skin, boosts radiance, evens pigmentation and strengthens skin’s elasticity at the molecular level, plus smells so delightful.
  • Glow To Go Mask Set- An assorted mask set containing five concentrated specialty sheet masks for a visibly clearer and more radiant complexion. Seriously, there is a mask for almost any skin concern. 

 Joanna’s tips + recommendations for the best glowing results:

  1. Magic Glow Wand – Sweep the device outwards starting at your nose, then down the neck to the décolleté. Repeat this motion as long as desired. Use on top of the Exfoliating Mask, Rescue Serum and Glow to Go Mask Set to boost the effects of the products.
  2. Exfoliating Mask – Apply a thin layer to cleansed and dampened skin. Scrub gently for one minute or leave on as a mask for 15 minutes. Rinse with tepid water. Use the Magic Glow Wand on Setting 1 (Hot) or 2 (Hot + Massage) to maximize the benefits of the mask.
  3. Rescue Serum – Apply one of two pumps to cleansed and dry skin. Use Magic Glow Wand on Setting 4 (Cool + Massage) to boost the effects of the serum. To be used for the face and neck.
  4. Glow to Go Mask Set – Remove mask from pouch and unfold. Peel away plastic backing and apply moistened side to clean, dry skin. Squeeze excess serum from the pouch and apply to the neck, décolleté or hands. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Use Magic Glow Wand on Setting 3 (Cool) to boost the effects of the masks. Remove mask and lightly massage any remaining serum into skin.

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