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Why Microcurrent Facials Can Help De-puff Your Skin

Why Microcurrent Facials Can Help De-puff Your Skin
13818617_m Microcurrent is a tiny trickle of electricity that mimics the electrical output of cells. When you wash the cells with this similar electrical output you stimulate the body's own natural healing process. The result of increasing the body's own natural current results in visibly firmer skin, smoothening, plumping up lines, hydrating thirsty skin & revitalizing the complexion. Clinical Trials Clinical trials performed by University of Washington to measure the benefits of the microcurrent proved the following results, in the first 20 days of the treatments: 14% increase in collagen production 48% increase in elastin production 38% increase in blood circulation 40% increase in lymphatic circulation The last point will de-puff your face, making it look slimmer and more healthy looking. Additionally, microcurrent increases ATP by 500%, (ATP is a molecule in cells that generates energy). Cells use this energy to convert amino acids into proteins that are used for the functions of life. And by increasing ATP to 500%, it ensures that muscles hold in their "lifted" position. With microcurrent, ATP can be "stored" longer in the cells, & is the reason why results are cumulative & becomes better as the series of treatments progresses. My three step facial, the Triple Crown, uses microdermabrasion, microcurrent and finishes with an oxygen treatment. These three steps have been clinically proven to improve the health of your skin and when combined the results can be dramatic. Call for your appointments today at 212.949.2350. Lastly follow us on Facebook and Twitter.]>>

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