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Why Humidifiers are Essential for Skin During Winter

Why Humidifiers are Essential for Skin During Winter
How do humidifiers work to hydrate skin? I remember the urgent need for a humidifier shortly after baby was born because the air of indoor heat was treacherously arid enough to make skin bone dry-not safe for baby or mama. It efficiently blew a fine mist of water, releasing abundant moisture so that you feel the elasticity returned to dermal cells for noticeable relief. 11209538_m That burst of hydration saturates epidermal layers to make it more pliant and buoyant for a youthful glow. Cellular function is healthier with ample moisture--the very reason we drink water daily. When the air is infused with H2O it makes it way into pores for full rejuvenation that gives the skin a visible radiance. Essential oils can enhance the humidifying experience including the most calming lavender, neroli and sweet orange that actually reenergizes with a burst of vitamin C. What face care offers humidifying hydration? Jojoba, native to the driest climates of the Americas has the ability to reverse the signs of aging while stabilizing oil production to give skin smooth luminosity. This wax ester contains vital vitamins and minerals to completely nourish as it completely eliminates dryness. Neroli oil with its emollient properties offers soothing moisture while acting as an antidepressant--a great quality during darkest winter! It balances sebum production as it revitalizes the skin with lush hydration. Neroli is also a perfect essential to use along with your humidifier at bedtime as it acts as a sedative to promote restful sleep. Cocoa butter has had a very long history of protecting skin in the most brutal terrains. Even in blistering dry heat this moisturizing butter, derived from the cacao plant of tropical climes, penetrates the skin for the ultimate glow as it inhibits the onset of aging dermis. WIth oleic and stearic fatty acids it actually reverses the aging process by boosting cell buoyancy. Plus it’s great for erasing scars and blemishes for a flawless complexion. These totally natural face care products, when applied in conjunction with the use of a humidifier, jumpstart dermal health to preserve your beautiful ageless skin. How’s that for moisture?! Deanna Lane has a BFA from Pratt Institute and a Masters degree in cultural anthropology from New Mexico State University--now writing health and wellness articles for Joanna Vargas Skincare Sanctuary in NYC. Otherwise-trekking the national museum scene... ]>>

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