Which Massage is Right for You?

Which Massage is Right for You?

Joanna recommends regular massages as part of your overall health and wellness routine! Not only do they feel amazing, they contribute to a healthy lymphatic system, healthy skin, and a healthy mind. Massages can stimulate the flow of nutrients throughout the body, and are fantastic at helping to achieve a beautiful glow from head-to-toe. We offer a variety of massage options at our New York and Los Angeles locations. 

Here's our go-to guide for choosing the best massage for your needs in the moment:

After Traveling
The Tailor Made
The Jet-Setter Massage
To De-Puff and Look Slimmer
The Tone Up
To Detoxify
Bamboo Massage Therapy
Himalayan Hot Stone Massage
For Mind & Body Benefits
Hot Stone Massage
Himalayan Hot Stone Massage
During or After Pregnancy
Pre-Post Natal Massage
The Deep Massage
Thai Massage

    Don’t forget about the skin that’s not on your face. Your skin is an organ after all. Regular massages will de-puff, relax, and oxygenate you from head to toe. - Joanna Vargas

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