Which Body Treatment is Right for You?

Which Body Treatment is Right for You?

Your skin is an organ, connected from head to toe. Why only take care of a small percentage with facials when there's so much more to care for below the neck? Full-body care is an important consideration in skin health and wellness. Body care is a popular topic at our spas, and we've broken down all of our services below.

We have 16 Body Treatments at Joanna Vargas Spas to choose from! Here’s our go-to guide to help you choose the best service for your needs:

For Skin Tightening
- Euphoria Lift 
- Twilight Body
- The Burn 

For Fat Reduction & Muscle Toning
- Emsculpt Neo Luxe
- Emsculpt Classic
- Evoke Face Booster

For Body Acne/ Scarring
- Oxygen Purifying Back Facial
- Twilight Body

For Hydration
- SuperNova Body
- The Rub

For Exfoliation
- Double Happiness Body Treatment
- Full Body Microdermabrasion

For Bronzing
- Golden Glow Sunless tan

For De-Puffing & Lymphatic Drainage
- Body Booster
- Ballancer Pro
- The Cool-Down
- Evoke Face Booster
- The Detox Wrap (LA only)

Don’t let your face get all the care, book a body treatment at Joanna Vargas New York or Los Angeles today.