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What's The Best Skin Care Routine

What's The Best Skin Care Routine
skin care routine is to drink plenty of water. YOU have the power to transform your skin and anyone can do something about it if they really wanted to. A high tech solution with a low tech cost is drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Water has tremendous benefits for your health and can immensely change the way your skin looks and feels if you drink enough of it and flank it with workable skin care solutions. Exfoliate Regularly Exfoliation has many benefits and when done regularly will give you truly radiant skin immediately. A gentle exfoliant is an essential skin care product and vital for your bag of beauty tricks. You got to soften up the layers of dead cells, exposing fresh new skin. This will allow your moisturizer to penetrate more deeply. I prefer gentle exfoliants with lactic and salicylic acids as well as fruit enzymes. After you exfoliate pat your skin dry and work your moisturizer onto your face. This will help to seal in the moisture that's already there. Plug In A Humidifier Most environments are dry due to indoor heating or A/C units going on all day and night. Other factors can influence the rate at which you lose water and this includes the environment. The environment is constantly pulling water away from your skin. And one thing you can do in order to slow down this process is to get a humidifier. This will keep moisture in the air and in your skin. Finally start reaping the benefits of superior skin care today and stop wondering if you can have beautiful skin. Call for your appointments NOW at 212.949.2350 and if you are a first time client GET $50 off your first treatment. P.S Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and if you want essential skin care tips and tricks sign up to our newsletter, bottom of the page under in the box “Sign Up For Updates”. ]>>

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