What You Can Do To Prevent Wrinkles

What You Can Do To Prevent Wrinkles
So you finally think it’s time to start admitting you are not 25 anymore. After all, your friends are starting to catch on since you have been putting that on your cake for about 6 years now. Worst of all, your face is starting to reveal your true age. Unfortunately, as we age, our skin will not only lose elasticity but also moisture and produce those wrinkles we hate so much. Wrinkle removers and surgical procedures are a dime a dozen but have you ever wondered if there is a way to prevent those dreadful wrinkles from aging your beautiful face in the first place?

Get Enough Sleep

This first bit of advice will do you a world of good. Get plenty of rest! Stop thinking using energy drinks will substitute for the at least seven hours of sleep that doctors have been recommending. This will only put undue stress on your mind and body and this will only cause more wrinkles. Be careful however to note that doctors also warn against sleeping with your face on your pillow, since this will wear down the elastin in the skin on your face and may hinder your wrinkle prevention efforts.

Put On Sunscreen

Even during the winter months, the rays of the sun can still do serious damage to your precious skin. To prevent wrinkles, invest a few dollars in a good sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher. Moisturizer and some make up also provide this added benefit of sun protection for your skin. You can get a bottle of Bags C Sun Guard SPF 30 for as low as $30. This price seems even more agreeable when you consider the thousands you would have to pay for dangerous surgical procedures that would be needed to remove the wrinkles you could have prevented. Wearing sunscreen will be even more effective if you use protective clothing to shield your skin from some of the UV rays of the sun. This includes wearing sunglasses to protect the very sensitive skin around your eyes.

Eat Right

Eating healthy can actually have life changing effects for your skin. You can prevent wrinkles by ensuring you get an adequate supply of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. The free radicals that your skin absorbs from the rays of the sun often results in the mutation that cause wrinkles. The antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables help to combat the unsightly effects of wrinkles. Drinking lots of water also helps to keep your skin hydrated.


Kirsten Davis is a Beauty and Health Consultant. She specializes in articles related to weightloss and skin care. Learn about the benefits you can get from Obagi and Obagi Blender, and how they can help also in preventing wrinkles.