What is Red Light Therapy and What are The Benefits

What is Red Light Therapy and What are The Benefits

     At the Joanna Vargas Salons in New York City and Los Angeles, several different forms of light therapy treatments are offered. But what is red light therapy, you might be asking. Does red light therapy work? Is red light therapy safe? Depending on your skin type and concerns, the answer is Y E S.

What is Red Light?

     Red light therapy (RLT) is a controversial therapeutic technique that has been used since the early 90s. While experimenting on getting plants to grow in space, scientists discovered that intense light from red-light emitting diodes (LEDs) helped promote growth and photosynthesis of plant cells. 

     Red light was then studied and researched in medicine. If red light helped grow plants cells, what was the benefit for human cells? Scientists were able to discover that red light therapy could increase energy in human cells, resulting in many benefits. But how does it work?

     Unlike ultraviolet rays from the sun which damages the DNA of skin cells, red light emitted into the skin is perfectly safe. When your cells hit the red light, it begins a regenerative process. This process helps lead to many benefits that are listed in the section below. 

     Red light therapy works by rejuvenating the skin and not damaging it, by delivering safe, concentrated wavelengths of natural light into your skin (around five millimeters, to be exact). It is then absorbed by your cells, where they begin to recharge.

     In the skin care realm, light therapy is administered via a until of small panels, directed at the skin from just a few inches away. Light like this has the ability to penetrate skin on a far deeper level than any tools or products can and with absolutely no discomfort or invasion. 

     LED lights come in different spectrums, including infrared and blue (which helps kill bacteria and subsequently vanquish acne). Besides being completely non-invasive, there are other benefits to incorporating light therapy in your life.

     There are different kinds of light therapy, with LED infrared light therapy being the most popular for a youthful glow. Our LED beds, patented by Joanna Vargas herself, are made with healthy lights that do not have the same harsh effects on the skin as UVA or UVB rays. This "anti-tanning" bed offers various benefits to cure sunspots and burns on the body in each session. The infrared red light activates the body’s natural healing powers, stimulating cell turnover and jump-starting the reparative process to reverse signs of aging and promote well-being. 

What are The Benefits?

     Since everyone reacts differently to light therapy – depending on your age and skin condition – the more treatments, the better the results. Not only will this help with sunspots and burns, but red light also helps to temporarily minimize the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, fine lines, acne scars and scars from injuries, and pores. 

     Red light therapy can even help with muscle repair from sore muscles from the gym or overall muscle repair from working out activities or an accident. It could also be helpful for pain relief if you suffer from inflammation, body pains and aches such as back or knee pains. 


 The Vitalight Treatment:

      A focused anti-aging treatment designed for maximum benefit in minimal time. Microdermabrasion reveals healthy skin and is followed by targeted LED light therapy to stimulate collagen production and pure oxygen therapy restores and locks in hydration. Radiance is restored in a flash.

 The Sleeping Beauty Treatment

     A total body treatment in just half-an-hour. Each session includes a sweep of facial microdermabrasion, a collagen-boosting Revitalight LED bed session, and a supercharged oxygen-serum application for the face. The result is smoother, hydrated, and more firm appearing skin from head-to-toe.

The Power Nap Treatment:

     A relaxing 20 minute session in the full-body Revitalight LED bed to rejuvenate the body and mind. Infrared light activates the body’s natural healing powers, stimulating cell turnover and jump-starting the reparative process to reverse signs of aging and promote well-being.

     We strongly recommend 8-12 sessions to plump the look of your skin to ensure maximum results that will leave your skin looking radiant, smooth, and youthful. Book here.