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Want Plump, Hydrated Skin? All You Need Is An Oxygen Facial

Want Plump, Hydrated Skin? All You Need Is An Oxygen Facial
It’s worth noting that the concept of an oxygen facial certainly isn’t a new thing — in fact, celebrities have been doing them for years. It’s rumored that Madonna even has her very own oxygen facial machine, plenty of other celebs have used them to plump up and get glowing before important events and red carpet appearances. Despite the fact that the oxygen facial isn’t exactly groundbreaking, many people misunderstand or underestimate just how effective they can be. So, what is an oxygen facial? Basically, the facial consists of a pressurized stream of 98 percent pure oxygen (the same level of purity that’s administered to patients in the hospital), combined with an infusion of highly active ingredients, to deliver the benefits of those ingredients to the skin. Joanna Vargas’ Oxygen Purifying Facial includes a combination of organic skin care products and serum spiked with antioxidants. Every salon uses a different combination of ingredients in their oxygen facials. At Joanna Vargas, clients receive formulation that includes chlorophyll, which increases red blood cell counts in the body. Chlorophyll is also high in antioxidants, which is why it’s also a main ingredient in the Joanna Vargas Daily Serum. Additionally, the serum-infused oxygen contains green tea, hyaluronic acid, aloe, and vitamins. It’s not just a stream of air randomly hitting your face, either: Instead, the machine delivers oxygen under pressure, and the low molecular weights of the serum its infused with make this particular delivery system incredibly effective. “Oxygen has proven benefits for the skin,“ Vargas told PopSugar. “If you get burned and go to a hospital, you are put in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. If you have a brain injury or if your body is in any type of distress, oxygen is administered. The reason for this is that oxygen stimulates the body’s natural healing function. It’s anti-inflammatory and stimulates collagen production. It’s also antibacterial.” The facial experience is also particularly soothing. Oxygen facials emit a blast of cool, targeted air to your skin, and using the wand, the esthetician makes sure the entire face, neck, and décolletage are covered “I do oxygen treatments on the skin in the salon, you can see it instantly gets glowy, dewy, and calmer,” Vargas explains to PopSugar. In other words, the results of an oxygen facial are remarkably noticeable, minimally invasive, and can last for days — if that’s not a breath of fresh air, we don’t know what is. To book your appointments or to learn more about this amazing treatment please call: in New York City 212.949.2350 or in Los Angeles please call 310.424.5141.]>>

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