Vitamin C Face Wash

Vitamin C Face Wash is here. This completes my tightly edited line for women on the go. Being a New York woman I'm always on the go and it's no different for my clients. Whether is high power meetings in Wall Street, flying to an exotic location for a photo shoot or a movie or doing lunch for charity events, the modern New York women is always on the go. And I believe that the New York woman is the every day woman, meaning the modern woman. Today's modern woman, between husband, kids and a career don't have time for ten steps, they got five minutes at most. This is why I created a core group of skin care products and the anchor to any skin care routine is always the face cleanser. And once you start using my Vitamin C Face Wash everyday, you'll see what your skin really looks like, Clean, Clear & Glowing Skin. This cleanser will change your skin to a fresh and natural complexion. Additional benefits for your skin are: It's The Glow Booster Get Better Clarity of Tone For Your Complexion Fresh Face Clear Pores I truly believe that the beginning of a flawless complexions starts with the right facial cleanser. This step prepares your skin for all others and is the simplest trick to consistently clear skin. The Joanna Vargas Vitamin C Face Wash is the first step needed to amplify your skincare routine and give you the skin you always wanted. Crafted to gently remove grime, makeup and daily pollutants with a medley of vitamin C ingredients, consisting of organic and natural sources. And you will find some of the most powerful antioxidants known, Acai and Goji berry and a mixture of citrus oils to revitalize and balance your skin. This facial cleanser will brighten your skin and leave it squeaky clean. This is the immediate skin refresher! Get it from our online store right or call the salon for immediate assistance at 212.949.2350. Our Price: $65 S & H: $10]>>