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Travel-Friendly Skincare: TSA Approved Skincare

Travel-Friendly Skincare: TSA Approved Skincare
Vitamin C Face Wash ($40) This gentle, antioxidant cleanser lifts away grime, makeup, and daily pollutants without drying out the skin. Ideal for all skin types, this foaming face wash really exfoliates while it cleans, making it the perfect option for everyday cleansing. Use it twice a day to leave your skin clean, clear, and glowing. Daily Serum ($85) Revitalize and alkalize your skin with this clarifying serum that restores skin balance and resilience! This refreshing serum effortlessly moisturizes with hyaluronic acid, leaving skin refreshed and naturally glowing. Packed with the perfect blend of high-potency antioxidants, vitamins, and skin-brightening elements, the Daily Serum acts fast to revitalize your skin’s appearance, improving skin tone, minimizing pores, raising moisture levels, and giving you remarkably radiant skin. Because it was formulated to act as a multivitamin for the skin, the Daily Serum is an excellent choice for daily moisturizing when you don’t have space to pack all of your more specialized serums. Daily Hydrating Cream ($75) This ultra-moisturizing cream is packed with a nourishing blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to keep the skin hydrated while protecting it from elements that speed up the signs of aging. This gentle cream also visibly reduces the apperance of fine lines and wrinkles, for an overall smooth and youthful appearance, while offering protection from the sun – and as an added bonus, the Daily Hydrating Cream has a light, refreshing scent of Coconut Milk and Lemongrass, making for a spa-like experience when applied. Formulated to effortlessly soak into all parts of the skin (including the neck, chest, and that pesky under-eye area), the Daily Hydrating Cream is the perfect option for those who want to ensure that their skin stays hydrated and protected without packing a ton of different creams in their carry-on. Bright Eye Firming Mask ($60) Tackle under-eye bags and enrich your skin on-the-go with these serum-soaked under-eye patches! These concentrated specialty treatment masks deeply moisturize and revive delicate skin to reveal refreshed, youthful-looking eyes. Apply them during a flight or right before bed once you’re back at the hotel for maximum benefits. (Tip: these masks can also be used underneath any of our full-face masks! Double the masks, double the benefits!) Dawn Mask ($75) Our Dawn Masks are without a doubt one of our most popular products. Formulated with Mandelic Acid, these bamboo sheet masks improve texture of the skin, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Working as a chemical-based exfoliant, this multi-tasking treatment gently exfoliates the skin, clears congestion, and balances moisture levels to reveal smooth, glowing skin. This face mask is ideal for skin clarity and regeneration without compromising or using harsh ingredients, making it the perfect product to use after a long flight or whenever you feel like your pores could use a little extra love. Find details about all of these products and more on our website today!]>>

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