Touch-Free Lymphatic Massage

Touch-Free Lymphatic Massage

Touch-free lymphatic drainage in a relaxing spa setting? Yes please!

Each session in our Ballancer Pro body compression suit gives you a lymphatic massage without the touch of a massage therapist. This FDA-approved device was created to enhance the effects of your facials, jump start your circulation, reduce water weight, and create a slimming effect. All through stimulating your lymphatic system!


  • Cleanses at a cellular level
  • Flushes out metabolic waste
  • Moves stagnant water in the body
  • Lowers your acidic stress hormones (cortisol)


Ballancer Pro is backed of decades of medical research and peer-reviewed studies and made by the world’s leading manufacturer of compression therapy systems. FDA cleared and safe to use, it is the professional’s first choice of technology. It starts by delivering a preparatory massage of the lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes in the proximal areas near the core of the body. This gentle, relaxing massage drains the lymph nodes that are generally filled with fluid first, and paves the way for an enhanced circulation of lymph. As the sequence progresses, it begins the compression moving from the extremities up into the thoracic area. This technology is one of a kind in comfort and efficacy.

There are endless setting combinations for a versatile and customized experience.
Choose from upper body, lower body, or book both for a head-to-toe treatment in the solo privacy of your own spa room.

PRO TIP: bring your headphones and put on a guided meditation to cleanse the mind while our Ballancer Pro technology cleanses and enhances the flow of the body.


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