Top Three Spas for Pampering the Body and Mind

Top Three Spas for Pampering the Body and Mind
The best spa vacations are spent in luxury spas that pamper the body and soothe the senses. For this reason, choosing the right spa when on vacation is important to ensuring a successful, relaxing trip. Individuals want to be pampered in tranquility, so it is imperative to select the right location with just the right services to make a vacation truly enjoyable.
Villagio Inn

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Visitors to California will enjoy the benefits of a spa located in wine country. Wine country is seated on natural sources of mineral water and soothing mud baths, making this a great location for individuals looking for peace, quiet, and relaxation. The spa at the Villagio Inn is one of wine country's most prized offerings, boasting individual treatment rooms with qualified massage therapists to pamper customers into the ultimate state of relaxation. With subdued color schemes to soothe the senses, the Villagio Inn is a quaint establishment designed to enhance relaxation and tranquility.

Spa Bellagio

In the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas, it is fairly easy to get swept up in all the excitement and tension. Visitors to Sin City will enjoy a variety of luxury spa options, but none of them measure up to the offerings of the Spa Bellagio. The Spa Bellagio pampers guests with luxurious treatments from deep-tissue massages to hot stone massages. Guests can even receive massages under the shade of poolside cabanas, experiencing the ultimate in luxury. With options for rejuvenating hydro therapy, facials, and specialized treatments for couples, guests at the Spa Bellagio will melt away from the bustle of the city outside, transported into a state of serenity unrivaled by other Las Vegas spas.

Miraval Life in Balance Resort and Spa

For individuals looking for retreats from the world and all its troubles, the Miraval Resort and Spa is the perfect choice. The Miraval Resort and Spa is not just a place for guests to find relaxation and rejuvenation, it is a complete getaway package, offering individuals the opportunity to soothe their minds and calm their bodies. The professionals at the Miraval Resort and Spa offer full-body massage treatments, facials, scrubs, and body wraps as their more common fare. For the adventurous, guests may also choose to receive acupuncture, hammam, reflexology, or aqua zen treatments to rejuvenate their bodies and minds simultaneously. The experiences offered at the Miraval Resort and Spa provide complete serenity and peace to guests, allowing them to return to the world grounded, centered, and at one with themselves.


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