Top 3 Facials Of 2011

Whether you choose a home or professional spa facial, the goal is to attain the healthiest most radiant skin possible. Choosing 100% natural skin care products is essential to achieve this outcome. Selecting a highly sensitive and skilled aesthetician is also a key factor. As you balanced out your home regimen with spa treatments consider what these fine facials have to offer as they unveil restored freshness for 2012. Featured here, are a fine balance of home and professional day spa facials to acquire skin with prominent ageless luster. You won’t soon forget them and they may shape your revised 2012 skincare routine for the healthiest skin ever. #1 Sugar Plum Fairy Facial (New York City exclusively) You can’t beat a facial name like this for starters. Images of luminous sparkling little tinkerbells swirl about your face as knowing hands delicately pamper your skin with this facial. Seriously, I was thrilled to learn of this ethereally beautiful all natural and organic facial that surpasses by far all expectation. Envision, if you will, a pumpkin and yam enzyme peel unclogging your pores as it magically brightens your face. A robust cranberry infused serum is gently massaged into your skin to relieve any inflammation or irritation caused by winter climate. For the full fairy finish, a lush sugarplum moisturizer is lavishly applied to reduce the signs of aging and protect with its intense hydrating properties. Voila! Can I get an “Oooo” and “ahhh?!” This day spa facial is undeniably revitalizing and is only available at Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary in New York City. #2 Thalasso Therapy Facial (global) Packing on the sea mud and algae in this spa facial you recline in a marine-simulated climate. Toxins are expelled and excess sebum is absorbed from your skin with this warm almost tropical treatment. The atmosphere resembles the sea in temperature and texture. Seaweed wraps are par for the course in purifying the skin and absorbing the youth enhancing properties of the sea. In the end skin is detoxified, plumped and restored with lovely luminescence. It is as close to a mermaid facial as you’ll ever come. #3 Post-New Year’s Eve Party Facial You’ll need this one after the New Year’s Eve partying! It is the home facial that combines the hydrating properties of organic avocado and plain yogurt with the deeply healing qualities of raw honey. When you mix these organic ingredients add a few drops of essential oil of vanilla before applying to your face for 15 minutes. Your skin will be completely recharged with intense moisture and nourishment. And you will feel remarkably calm with the aromatherapy of vanilla. Not a bad thing after the biggest party of the year. These facials may be the start of a beautiful 2012 skin care journey. Remember to choose 100% natural products for the best results and pamper the skin you’re in!]>>