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There Is A Reason Dry Brushing Is Popular In Some Of The Best Spas in The World

There Is A Reason Dry Brushing Is Popular In Some Of The Best Spas in The World
the best spas in the world: This ancient practice can make a huge difference. drybrush_still_fbcrop First, let’s start with the history of this lesser-known beauty practice. “Skin brushing has been around in many cultures since ancient history, such as Hippocrates and the Greeks, the Japanese, and American Aboriginals. It has been used for centuries to keep the body healthy. The Comanche tribe, for instance, were known to scrub their skin with sand they took from Texas river bottoms,” Coveteur reported. In addition to feeling incredible, the idea behind dry brushing centers around exfoliating toxins from the skin. Dry brushing gives a fresh and revived look, stimulates blood flow throughout the body, and even sets the stage for your skin to better absorb the products you use. “Brushing your skin also stimulates oil glands that are in the second layer of skin, bringing this oil to the skin’s surface,” Coveteur says. “This oil helps to protect the skin and increases the skin's health, suppleness and elasticity. Skin brushing also helps activate the skin for an instant glow.” With all of these benefits in mind, it’s no surprise that Joanna is a huge a proponent of dry brushing as a regular practice. In the video below, Joanna explains how dry brushing once a day, renews the look of beautiful skin. See the video of how to do Dry Brushing. If you’re convinced of the benefits of this regular beauty practice, you should know that all of these amazing results won’t actualize unless you know how to dry brush correctly. In order to get the most out of your dry brush, start at your feet and brush upwards towards the heart. Use firm, short strokes and brush in a circular motion, keeping in mind that harsh exfoliation is not the ultimate goal — in other word, don’t press too hard. Continue this process until you’ve brushed your entire body to satisfaction. After dry brushing your skin, your can lather up with the Joanna Vargas Miracle Bar, a charcoal soap. This luxurious bar of soap contains anti-inflammatory olive oil and shea butter that hydrates and smoothes skin from head to toe. The bamboo powder inside the Miracle Bar helps boost skin’s elasticity, and the charcoal is the perfect detoxification companion to the dry brushing process. Finally, it’s worth noting that this practice can also be used on the face, provided that you use a brush specifically designed for the far more delicate skin on your visage (there’s a particularly popular one from Japanese skin care line DHC) one with far less coarse bristles. Doing so can promote collagen production in the face and assist in draining lymphatic fluids that make your skin look puffy.]>>

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