The World's Weirdest Spa Treatments

The World's Weirdest Spa Treatments
Within the last decade, the spa has been a real boom industry. They have been incorporated into gyms, hotels and even offices, or had brand new million dollar purpose built facilities constructed. It is estimated that worldwide, there has been more than a 500% increase in the number of spa facilities since the turn of the millennium, and this industry is worth billions of pounds. So along with this explosion of spas, the range of treatments has also diversified massively. In some cases it is the odd treatments that have made the particular venue so popular, so here are some of the stranger treatments available around the world:

Ada Barak's Carnivorous Plant Farm, Israel
Despite the name sounding a bit worrying, this actually has nothing to do with plants. Connected to the carnivorous plant farm is a spa run by the same lady, and she believes to have harnessed the relaxing power of snakes. For a very modest fee you can lie down and be 'massaged' by several live (non-venomous) snakes. Apparently it's very good, and rather relaxing, but I suppose that depends on how you feel about snakes...

Fish Pedicure
This has become a lot more popular in the past few years and can now be seen in many different places including bars and shopping centres. The technique was first used by the Chinese many hundreds of years ago, and allows a tank of specially imported Garra Rufa fish to nibble the dead skin from your feet. It's not for the ticklish but leaves you feet noticeably softer.

Yunessen Spa, Hakone, Japan
This unusual Japanese spa claims to harness the power of various different liquids to help different ailments. For example, you can relax in a pool of green tea to help your immune system, a pool of sake which is supposed to be great for your skin. Other pools available for a dip contain red wine, coffee or noodles!

Hotel Heubad, Italy
Lots of people believe in the power of natural remedies, especially the people who run the Vosler hay bath. You soak in a hot bath whilst being wrapped in wet hay picked from the 'Alpe de Siusi' at certain times of the year. It's supposed to both stimulate and relax at the same time, but we're not too sure.

Hershey Hotel, Pennsylvania
You can probably guess what's coming here, that's right, at the Hershey hotel you can have a cocoa bath, whole body fondue wrap or a chocolate bean polish. Only chocolate based treatments!

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