The Ultimate Snatched Look

microcurrent facial

Beauty buzzwords are sometimes just that—all buzz and no results. However, both microdermabrasion and microcurrent technology are options that live up to the hype, and Joanna Vargas’ Triple Crown Facial—beloved by the beauty entrepreneur's famous clients—uses both technologies together. "The Triple Crown Facial is my signature facial and still my number one requested service," Vargas shares. Think of the Triple Crown as your gym for the face. This workout for your complexion will tackle the 247 forgotten facial muscles to lift, tone and firm. A real confidence builder once you have experience it.

“We start with microdermabrasion using a diamond-tipped wand," says Vargas. "Then, we use a mild electric current to drain puffiness, tone muscle, tighten skin, and reshape the face. By the end of the first treatment the jawline will be more defined, cheekbones more pronounced, and clients will have younger-looking, refreshed eyes. The final step is a vitamin-spiked oxygen treatment to give skin an instant glow.”

There is one more layer to this amazing facial and if you want to shock and awe then you have to try our ultimate sculpting facial, the TRIPLE CROWN ROYALE. In addition to the above we use microcurrent gloves to perform our signature lift and contour techniques to give your face the ultimate snatched look. In essence this is the golden touch behind many a red-carpet celebrity glow and you can have it too.