The Right Way to do a Peel

The Right Way to do a Peel

We all know someone who’s done “a peel” and has to hide inside for days or even weeks after. Don’t let a powerful resurfacing treatment keep you inside, enjoy the changing of the seasons with the flawless glow you want - without the long post-peel down time.

Joanna crafted her Power Peel Series to transform your skin in multiple sessions, reducing the recovery time while maximizing the results.

Each Power Peel session includes:

  • A diamond peel for professional-grade resurfacing
  • Fruit enzyme peel for brightening, exfoliating, and recharging your skin 
  • Pure oxygen therapy for rapid revitalization and an instant glow
  • LED light for anti-bacterial benefits and expedited healing

Unlike harsh acid and chemical peels, diamond peels are performed using a wand with an abrasive tip made of laser-cut diamonds. As the device exfoliates off dead skin cells, a small vacuum within the wand removes them from the skin. There's no mess or burning, just deep gentle peeling. Naturally your skin will feel smoother, but more than that, it's noticeably more pliable, as if your skin has traveled a few years back in time. 

Our fruit enzyme peels are milder than traditional glycolic acid peels, and are made from natural ingredients like pumpkin, pineapple, kiwi, or other fruits, combined with alpha lipid acids, coenzymes Q10, antioxidants, vitamins and a circulation boosting oil. This mixture breaks up the hard protein keratin in our dermis to dissolve old and dead skin cells for the same end game: smoother, softer, and more glowing skin.

Joanna's iconic Oxygen Therapy will brighten and even out skin tone, and you'll finish with a LED light session to help expedite healing by up to 300%. 

The results? A flawless complexion without the down time. 

The Power Peel Series is to be done 3 times within 6 weeks. It is a series, not a single service, and cannot be booked as a single service. Trust the process, done the Joanna Vargas way. 

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