The Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts to Treat Yourself

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts to Treat Yourself

     If 2020 taught us anything, it was the importance of keeping our selfcare game strong. This year we are focusing even more on our self care - and don’t forget, our self love. Which brings us to Valentine’s Day. 

     Joanna Vargas created her skincare line to empower everyone to love the skin they’re in, even if you weren’t born with flawless skin. We’re here for you and don't worry - you're not alone. Plus, there is nothing wrong with being a little extra indulgent this year and focusing on you, and only y o u.

We decided to put together some of our favorite Valentine’s Day goodies to really treat yourself this year. You deserve it.

Things We Are Loving: 

  • These Chill Pills from OUAI are a must have for the perfect bath. These bath bombs for adults are the perfect addition to relaxing at home. Add some Eucalyptus to your bathtub and you’re basically at a spa. 
  • Sheet masks from the Joanna Vargas Collection- Perfect to pop on for a quick hydration, while sitting back watching TV, reading a book (see #7) or enjoying a cocktail. Shop the Glow to Go Set to have a mask for any skin concern. 
  • Obviously, wine...or champagne if you want to feel fancy. We love Sofia Coppola’s wine not only because she’s a devoted client of Joanna’s, but because it’s woman-founded and completely delicious. Win win.
  • To go along with your celebratory drink are these cute Crate and Barrel glasses. So dainty, yet elegante, we are loving these lately. 
  • Stay comfy in this PJ set from Lively. We chose this pants set, but they have a few different options, like a shorts set and loungewear, and a bunch of different colors and patterns. So soft too!
  • Be sure to support small businesses during these crazy times. Wherever you are located, head over your local restaurant, market, or bakery to show some love to your neighborhood.
  • To really step up your self care game this year, it’s important to know the ins and outs, the dos, and don'ts, when it comes to your skin. Order Joanna’s Glow From Within book just in time for V day to educate yourself on everything skincare. It’s like chatting with your bestie for the most expert tips for any skin issue. 
  • Gift yourself this cute toiletry bag from Dagne Dover. Seriously, this water resistant neoprene material bag fits all your skincare or makeup products. It’s perfect for traveling and comes in 3 different sizes. 
  • If you don’t already own one, we highly recommend investing in an Air Fryer. Seriously, it’s changed our lives. Pop almost anything in there for a quick, good eat. Even make something sweet. You can find some easy air-fryer recipes here
  • One of our go-to activities recently have been adult coloring books. It’s a great way to wind down, mediate, and tackle stress or anxiety. You can find all kinds based on interest, moods, or learning here