The Glow-Up Facial for your Body

The Glow-Up Facial for your Body

Why let your face get all the love? Treat your body to an ultra hydrating treatment in time for warmer temps. Supernova Body was inspired by our celeb-favorite Supernova Facial.

It’s hot out and we are showing more skin - give them your best look with hydrated, soft, healthy skin. “Keeping the body skin hydrated and tight is the natural next step in skincare" says Joanna. We all know the importance of keeping our facials regular, to keep the skin in shape. Now, focus on the same routine for your body.

Just like our SuperNova Facial, your chosen area will get:

  • Nutrient-rich liquid exfoliation to smooth skin
  • Collagen mask to strengthen skin
  • Oxygen infusion to brighten skin
  • Pro-grade microcurrent to lift skin and muscles
  • Cryotherapy to tighten skin

Choose your front side only or book front & back to get the full facial treatment on your body. Results are nourished skin for an extended and revitalized glow smooth to the touch and ready to show the world.

“This body treatment is special because it focuses on hydration.  I love that at the end of this service the client looks so glowing. It’s for people who want a quick exfoliation and super hydration into the skin, and is good for anybody with sensitive skin.” - Joanna Vargas

Click to book in NYC or Los Angeles and glow from shoulder-to-toe.