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The Burn Body Contour Treatment

The Burn Body Contour Treatment
Let’s face it: getting that “ideal summer body” we all crave is hard. Between work, school, and all that comes in between, dieting and exercising can seem daunting at best – and even when you are working hard to make gains in the gym, the results don’t always come as quickly as you wish they would. That’s where Joanna Vargas’ Burn Treatment comes in. Watch the video HERE. A combination of radio-frequency and massage treatments, The Burn utilizes non-invasive technology to contour the body and burn away those stubborn fat cells. During a typical Burn Treatment, a low-energy electrical current and heat are used to push together collagen fibers (which spread or rip apart as you age), firming and tightening your look. The radio frequency (or RF) currents are massaged into problem areas where fat cells have accumulated, essentially tightening and toning the skin. As Joanna herself has said, The Burn “is the best solution for the problem areas you can’t spot treat at the gym!” This treatment is perfect for anyone that has lost weight due to diet or pregnancy and now has loose, stretched skin, or for anyone who has problem areas that diet and exercise just don’t seem to fix. The number of Burn sessions needed depends on what you want to achieve, but also the condition of your body. Age, weight, and overall physical health all play a factor in determining how many Burn sessions would be best for you. On average, we recommend anywhere between 6 and 8 treatments done once a week, for six to eight weeks straight. Your aesthetician will work with you, however, to truly customize your course of action based on your individual body type. While the Burn Treatment has proven to be an incredibly useful, successful treatment, it should never take the place of regular diet and exercise! Additionally, if you have any major circulatory or skin conditions, be sure to consult your doctor before engaging in radio frequency treatments of any kind. To find out more about Joanna’s legendary Burn Treatment, head to our website today!]>>

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