The Best Way To Give Yourself A Facial

Facials are one of the fastest ways to transform your skin and get a glowing complexion in about 60 minutes. Facials are the secret to healthy, youthful and glowing skin. They are the truth behind why some celebrities look younger and better in their 40s then when they were younger. Everyone has gotten wise to working out as a means of being fit and healthy. Yet for some reason people wait until their looks are on the wane to do something about it. This is when they are likely to do something extreme in order to return that youth and vitality to their skin. Below is an article about how to give yourself a facial and this is a great way to start if you aren't sure but in my opinion a true expert will save you time and money. I have also added my video on why you should get them regularly. Source: Alexandra Perron Facials are one of the ultimate skin care treats, and it’s easier than you think to do one yourself. We asked Joanna Vargas, facialist and all around skin care guru to give us the complete rundown with tips and tricks needed to master a facial in the comfort of your own home. First, you’ll want to gather up a few supplies. You’ll need a cleanser, exfoliator, face oil, serum, and a mask suited for your skin type. A super cozy robe, a headband to keep hair off your face, and some mellow tunes (Taylor Swift counts) are also recommended. Step 1: Cleanser. Start by removing all of your makeup and any surface dirt from your skin. “You want to start with a really clean palette, so cleanser is always first,” Vargas says. She recommends washing your face with a foaming cleanser using tepid water. Washing with hot water can throw off the balance of your skin and cause it to feel dry. Step 2: Exfoliator. Apply your exfoliator all over the face, and do an extra scrub over the T-zone, where your pores may be more clogged. Vargas suggests using a dual-purpose exfoliator that has scrubbing granules as well as a lactic acid or fruit enzyme. “Lactic acid is an added exfoliator,” Vargas says. “People don’t have as much sensitivity to lactic acid, and it’s great for brightening the skin.” Try Tata Harper’s Regenerating Cleanser ($75) or Alba Botanica Hawaiian Facial Scrub ($14). Step 3: Face Oil. Massage the oil onto your skin, moving from the center of your face outward towards your hairline where your lymph nodes are. This will help promote lymphatic drainage. “Try a face oil that is rich in omega-3s, like avocado or olive oil,” she says. “Argan oil is also great for supporting elasticity and is full of antioxidants.” We like Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil ($48). Around the eyes, Vargas suggests massaging in gentle circles to aid in de-puffing. Step 4: Mask. The face mask is key, as it will help the face oil penetrate further into your skin. “The mask should be defined by your skin type and what you want to achieve,” says Vargas. For example, if you’re breaking out, look for a mask that will calm inflammation and heal breakouts. If your skin is sensitive, a redness-reducing mask is best. Vargas recommends leaving your mask on for at least 10 minutes before rinsing off. Oh yeah—don’t forget to turn off your cell phone and put some cucumbers on your eyes. Step 5: Serum. The final step in the routine is your serum. Again, this is something that should fit your skin needs. Start at the top of the forehead, working the serum down to the base of the neck to further encourage lymphatic drainage. This at home facial routine is something you can do once a week or every other week to help maintain your skin between professional facials. Vargas suggests setting aside about 20 minutes to run through all of the steps. Now it’s time to treat yo’ self. You deserve it. ]>>