How to Get Glowing Skin in Six Months

How to Get Glowing Skin in Six Months

     We’re always trying to nail the best skincare routine - am I right? Everyday you hear about a new product and how it can help your skin, and you keep buying new products and trying new techniques. Once you find a product that works for you, you should stick to it. Just like your skincare routine, the order you apply your products is everything. Here’s how to nail the routine down as well as the skincare products.       

Six Months to Glowing Skin   

     You can achieve your best skincare routine but it's not going to happen over night. It takes a few months, six to be exact, to completely restructure your habits to create the best version of you. This is a routine that you can work with and can follow no matter your skin type - but you must do it every day, no matter how tired you are. 

     The first thing you need to address is your nightly routine. Double cleansing nightly with micellar water and a foaming face wash, or using a cleansing balm for makeup removal followed by a foaming face wash, is important. Start using a retinol at night twice a week (at first - and then you can slowly make your way to using it every night). You need to see if your skin reacts well to it. If it does, then start using it every other night, then a week or so later, nightly. To get maximum repairing and resurfacing, finish your routine with a hydrating cream or moisturizing serum on top of the retinol. 

     Now let’s talk about your morning skincare routine. Yes, you need a nighttime routine and a daytime routine! In the morning use a hyaluronic serum - one that contains greens, like oat grass juice or chlorophyll, to hydrate and oxygenate your skin. Follow with a moisturizer and sunscreen with an SPF of 30+. You should exfoliate twice a week and always apply some sort of sheet mask after. No matter your skin type, use sheet masks that have hyaluronic acid, Epidermal Growth Factors, peptides, antioxidants, and soothing ingredients like chamomile - ingredients that really work.   

     We recommend getting a facial once a month. An extraction facial to be exact. This will clean out your pores and clean up your blackheads/pimples/acne. You should not try to do extractions and you should never pop your acne/pimples at home because it can lead to scarring. Leave this for a professional who knows how to handle that area. Our Purifying Facial is the perfect starter facial. This facial is a deep pore cleanse without the fills. It is perfect for those with congestion and breakouts. 

     If you want to take it one step further, take a look at your diet. If you break out, are there triggers? Do you eat poorly if alcohol is involved? Try to not drink for a period and see how your skin is affected. Also, eating greens with every meal is a must, as greens contain essential minerals for your skin and lymphatic system.              

The final and last step is to… relax. Read a book, spend time meditating, paint, or even listen to music. Find something that makes you happy -- your face will show it!