The Best DIY Exfoliating Mask

exfoliating mask. However what I don't teach you are the types of exfoliation. You might find this interesting and is actually very useful information. Knowing the types of exfoliation might help you make a better choice. Mechanical means to exfoliate with things such as a washcloth or loofah. This helps with dead skin cells. Another aspect is to use skin care products containing abrasive elements like sugar, salt, tiny granular particles. You can also exfoliate dead skin cells with products that have enzymes and help break down the proteins of dead skin cells. Finally, you can choose products that contain acid such as beta-hydroxy or salicylic acid that will exfoliate the skin. Some of these means of exfoliating dead skin cells can be used in combination. For example, I use a combination of elements for my Exfoliating Mask. The results are amazingly soft and radiant skin. Exfoliation is the corner stone of skincare but don't over do this step. My rule of thumb is to do it twice a week. This is safe enough for just about anybody to do. And lastly, choose your product wisely. Lastly shop at our flag ship salon, 501 5th Ave. Ste 1203. New York, NY 10017 and to make your appointments call 212.949.2350.]>>