The 411 on Retinol

The 411 on Retinol

Retinols - the one thing in skincare so many people are weary to incorporate into their skincare routines. Retinol is one of the fastest ingredients proven to change the appearance of skin, often within two weeks of use. Many people think it's for people who are starting to age, but in fact it’s for much more than that! People of any age can make retinol a part of their skincare routine. Joanna urges people in their teens and twenties to try it, because there is no harm in slowing the visual signs of aging. It’s simple to use too, just apply a pea-size amount of a retinol-based cream or serum to your face and neck in the evenings. You can use it on wet, damp, or dry skin, but don’t apply it over moisturizer. Try it twice a week at first, and if you don’t have a reaction to it, you can up your usage to every other night, then nightly. In order to experience the deepest level of skin penetration you might want to use it right after you exfoliate, so your skin is especially smooth and receptive to the actives. 

Retinol became an integral part of the beauty industry by accident. When it was first approved as an acne treatment in 1971, it was just that: a way to help people with moderate to severe cases of acne, and it was only available by prescription. But almost immediately, dermatologists noticed that it did more than just clear up pimples and acne. They saw that their patients had dramatically smoother skin, less apparent wrinkles and fine lines, and more even skin tone. Soon, the beauty industry jumped on it, and retinol became available over the counter in creams and serums. 

Retinol does come with some down sides. Because it penetrates skin cells so deeply, it can cause redness, flakiness, dryness, and a high level of sensitivity. Some people who’ve used to much retinol look shiny, tight, and almost too taute, Some studies, including one from 2006 in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, suggests that retinol increases your skin’s susceptibility to ultraviolet light, which could make you more likely to develop skin cancer. Therefore, we recommend using retinol only at night. 

Retinol Products We Love

Our Super Nova Serum: Joanna crafted a special retinol serum, balanced with moisturizing ingredients to keep skin looking it’s best throughout use: the award-winning Super Nova Serum. This serum combines vitamin A, chamomile, and fatty acids to soothe, balance, and hydrate, and retinol to help reveal younger looking skin. 

“This serum from the in-demand aesthetician addresses nearly every sign of aging — dark spots, dullness, sagging, wrinkles — with peptides and skin-loving ingredients.” - In Style Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards

Jordan Samuel Skin Retinol Treatment Oil: This is a great retinol treatment. Jordan’s company is direct-to-consumer, so his pricing is very reasonable, but anyone in the beauty industry will tell you his formulas are spot on. This product contains marula oil and cranberry seed oil to balance out the drying effects of vitamin A. 

Renée Rouleau Advanced Resurfacing Serum: This serum is great for helping with the look of sun damage or reversing the effects of aging on sensitive skin. It’s balanced with peptides and glucosamine for super hydration, so it won't dry out your skin. We love the way this woman makes a formula, and you won't be disappointed!