Breaking news in the ever-changing world of beauty. Joanna has brought on celeb-loved dermatologist, Dr. Anetta Rezko to her New York City spa. To celebrate, we launched two new facials and one new body treatment.   Twilight Facial: This transformative beauty...
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The 411 on Lymphatic Facial Massage
A good facial can get your skin glowing and detox your entire body. Meet the lymphatic facial massage. Here, we break down the way your lymphatic system works and how this treatment could be the pick-me-up your skin needs. Circular...
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Ingredient Spotlight: Vitamin C
Time to step up your anti-aging game and give your skin some serious protection. We've picked our go-to summer staples infused with the powerhouse ingredient for a clearer, brighter and youthful glow. Scroll down for beauty 101 on this trendy...
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