Sunless Tanning with Age-Defying Benefits? Say Hello to the Joanna Vargas Golden Glow.

Sunless Tanning with Age-Defying Benefits? Say Hello to the Joanna Vargas Golden Glow.
Preserve youthful, beautiful skin while simultaneously nourishing and achieving the natural yet sunless glow you desire with the Joanna Vargas Golden Glow Spray Tan. One of the stars more popular treatments pre-red carpet to get the sun-kissed radiance everyone craves without the negative effects of UV rays... The Joanna Vargas Sunless Tanning Golden Glow Spray Tan, An anti-aging summer spa experience.

By now, we’ve all been told about how damaging sun exposure is to the skin. Tanning in the sun is just about the worst thing you can do to your birthday suit. Not only will it cause substantial pre-mature aging, but it will more alarmingly increase your risk of skin cancer by a long shot.

What makes the Golden Glow Tanning solution unique? Our non-toxic formula is made with certified organic ingredients and its health benefits are through the roof! The Golden glow comes with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, E, C, F, Omega 3s, green tea and aloe vera to help nourish the skin and maximize its ability to retain age-defying moisture. This golden potion is then sprayed onto the skin with 98% pure oxygen! The tanning agent is derived from beets and can be customized to any skin tone. The treatment is preceded by a full body microdermabrasion treatment.

Once the anti-aging spray tan is applied, keep it on for six to eight hours before showering. After rinsing, you’ll have a gorgeous glow for 5-7 days!

As for sun exposure, be sure to wear buckets of SPF (we know, we know) but just for kicks, here are two sun-damage prevention facts you might not know when it comes to protecting your skin this summer:

1. Love a good cocktail on the beach? It may be weakening the strength of your sunscreen. Ingesting a significant amount of sugar or alcohol causes inflammation, releasing more free radicals. On top of that, sunlight suppresses the immune system. If you plan on partying on the beach, be sure to compensate with extra sunscreen application and don’t forget to stay hydrated!

2. Chocoholics rejoice: Willy Wonka’s favorite candy might have the ability to increase your skin’s UV protection! Throughout the day, eat little bites of anti-oxidant rich dark chocolate with a minimum of 70% cacao to increase your bodies’ natural sun shield.

But getting back to the Golden Glow… The Joanna Vargas Golden Glow Spray Tan offers a lovely slimming effect by enhancing the body’s contours and shadows while nourishing your gorgeous skin and giving you the honey-colored glow of the season. Perfect for weddings, vacations and special occasions. Book your glow at our NYC location by calling 212-949-2350 or emailing or at our West Hollywood location by calling 310-424-5141 or emailing