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Summer To Fall Skin Care: Why and How You Should Transition

Summer To Fall Skin Care: Why and How You Should Transition
Transitioning Your Skin From Summer To Fall + A DIY Post-Sun Skin Mask By Joanna Vargas DIY-post-sun-720x720 Celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas, whose clients include Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts, Karlie Kloss and Michelle Williams, is a wealth of knowledge. When it comes to all-natural and DIY skincare, Vargas comes chock-full of information and at-home recipes. I had the opportunity to ask Vargas a slew of questions relating to the looming climate change and how this change will affect our complexion. She also sprinkles in a few of her signature Do It Yourself facial treatments and offers up her 5 must have products for a radiating fall complexion. SARAH HOWARD: How does skin change from summer to fall? JOANNA VARGAS: At the end of the summer going into fall, the sunscreen that we’ve used is clogging pores, most people have suffered sun damage, and their skin looks dull and dehydrated, really clogged. Fall treatments for me include really great exfoliation. I like to have people do my Exfoliating Mask and even sleep in the mask overnight so it stays on the face for a long time to clean out the pores. Another great at home fall beauty mask is combining yogurt with honey. SH: How should you alter your product regimen? JV: Skin needs more TLC during the fall because the transition from humid to cold weather can be extremely drying. Dry skin is so fragile, and you have to do more to protect your lipid layer. I suggest adding a day cream to your routine that contains soothing Shea and cocoa butter – they melt at body temperature so they go right into the skin and stay there all day, so you don’t end up feeling dry halfway through the day. Also, another great ingredient to look for is avocado oil. It contains so many amazing vitamins for the skin and lymphatic system, so it will depuff, hydrate and soothe the skin. SH: Add or subtract anything in particular? JV: Fall skin is damaged, dry and in need of repair. The best way to start is to use a cleanser that can exfoliate the dead skin and enrich the skin. I would also consider doing a nice peel to really start fall refreshed. I like both fruit acids and enzymatic peels. Also, summer sun and pollution stress the skin and fall is the perfect time to repair the damage with an intensive moisturizer. SH: How can you manage these at home? JV: The best skincare tip I can recommend is something I learned when my son had excema as a baby. To this day it is my family secret for healing dry, sensitive skin. Boil a large pot of water with one cup of chamomile tea leaves and one cup of rosemary. Cook these for fifteen minutes. Then strain and add this water to your bath. Not only will you feel relaxed from your day, this potion will soothe your skin like nothing else. It can also alleviate temporary redness or dry patches. Also, sleep with a humidifier in your bedroom. It will add just enough moisture to the environment to give your skin the chance to do some real healing. For those who are afraid of the bacteria that sometimes can accumulate in a humidifier, you can even get a little one that attaches to a mini water bottle. DIY TIP: A great at-home scrub would be 1/4 cup of almond powder plus 1/2 cup of olive oil- it’s so simple but scrubbing this on the skin for a few minutes in the morning will exfoliate dead cells, soften and calm the skin. Plus it adds a glow! SH: What are your 5 must have fall skin products? JV: I love the Chantecaille Rice and Geranium Foaming Cleanser for fall because it also doubles as an exfoliant. This cleanser contains rice bran which helps exfoliate the skin while the geranium acts as an anti-bacterial agent and seaweed stimulate the lymphatic system. Eve Lom Cleanser is awesome for soothing and hydrating the skin while removing all traces of makeup on the face. It’s one of those classic products that everyone I know uses. Wei White Lotus Moisture Rich Eye Blend is one of my favorite formulas because it’s gentle, but it’s also super rich. It contains peptides to keep the skin strong and the white lotus delivers minerals to temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines that have formed from summer stresses. One of the best moisturizers I’ve found is Tammy Fender Intensive Repair Balm. It leaves skin looking smoother and calmer. I like it because it restores the moisture barrier for the skin and soothes temporarily redness. My own Joanna Vargas Rejuvenating Serum is the perfect serum to sleep in. It repairs the skin, and because the formula contains jojoba oil, it’s great for all skin types, even oily skin. This serum will help minimize the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles SH: Do you have a DIY treatment for post-sun skin? JV: I would do this mask: 2 tbsp almond oil 2 tbsp olive oil 3 tbsp warmed honey 1/4 organic yogurt The almond and olive oils are anti-inflammatory and will soften any damage from summer. The honey hydrates the skin and the yogurt calms and exfoliates the skin. Mix together and leave on the face for 20 mins. Your glow will be amazing when you are done.]>>

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