Summer Skin Cooling Treatments

Summer Skin Cooling Treatments

Sun, heat, and product buildup can bring negative effects to your skin over the summer. Think, more sunscreen, makeup that doesn’t blend, and sweat! These all contribute to blockages in your pores and a buildup of dead skin cells that need to be professionally removed and replaced with healing hydration. Plus, we all know the inflammation we see and feel on your skin from increased sun and heat exposure in the summer. Fortunately, we have two cooling treatments that boost moisture while lessening the visible effects of sunburn, heat rash, and other summertime woes.

Joanna put together her top services to repair and cool off your skin from head to toe, while boosting collagen this summer:

1. SuperNova Facial: It’s our go-to ultra hydrating facial that soothes inflamed skin with cooling treatments, and our custom gold collagen mask and pure oxygen serums. Make sure to book this before AND after your vacation to keep your skin bright and glowing. 

2. SuperNova Body Treatment: Treat your body like your face! Don’t let red skin on your body go unaddressed. This luxe service gives you all the benefits of the facial, but customized for your body. Cooling treatments for the whole body in our 90 minute session? Yes please!

3. Relaxation Pod: Heal from within with 98% pure oxygen in a private pod session. Reduce physical inflammation and mental stress, while promoting collagen production, in the cool oasis of the Joanna Vargas Spa.

Treat your whole body to a cooling summer glow-up at Joanna Vargas New York or Los Angeles.

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